Surveillance video of Amazon delivery driver leaked to the net

The distrust of Amazon, which explained that the image of the in-vehicle camera provided to monitor Amazon's delivery driver was leaked on the Internet by someone's hand, and the surveillance image does not appear on the table, is increasing.

Amazon Told Drivers Not to Worry About In-Van Surveillance Cameras.

Amazon's in-van surveillance footage of drivers is leaking online - The Verge

The video below, posted on the AmazonDSPDrivers subreddit for Amazon delivery drivers on the online bulletin board Reddit, shows an Amazon delivery driver interacting with a customer's dog. This is footage from an in-vehicle camera installed to monitor Amazon delivery drivers. You can see the green border that tracks human movement along with the timecode and '0 MPH' speed marker in the video.

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Another video shows a driver avoiding the stop line but being recorded as a 'stop violation'.

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In addition to this, some images are suddenly released on Reddit, but it is unknown whether these images were released by the driver himself. Since the driver cannot extract the image directly from the camera, it is widely believed that the image was posted by someone other than the driver.

Amazon will begin installing AI-enabled cameras provided by Netradyne Driver-i in 2021 to analyze drivers delivering packages. Amazon collects information from drivers such as photos, vehicle location, speed, acceleration, traffic violations and potentially dangerous driver behavior, and asks them to sign a consent form that will lose their job if they do not agree. I also ask the driver.

Amazon emphasizes that surveillance camera footage is ``always recorded on the device, and if it detects safety-related issues or opportunities to improve maps or routes, it will upload specific clips to Amazon and its partners' secure servers.'' However, drivers have expressed privacy concerns since the cameras were installed. This concern has become a reality with the leak of this video.

Amazon spokesperson Simone Griffin said, ``The Netradyne Driver-i camera is used to protect the safety of the driver and the community. Only delivery service partners can access the Netradyne portal where the video is uploaded. and while delivery service partners can share footage with their employees, making the content public is a violation of the program's policies.'

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