Report that Google is preparing a completely proprietary processor 'Tensor G5' for smartphones that does not depend on Samsung

Pixel 6 series and later Google smartphones and tablets are equipped with the Pixel series dedicated processor 'Tensor' series. Regarding this Tensor series, there is a rumor that ``It is actually a custom processor based on a Samsung chip,'' but the new overseas media The Information said, ``Google is developing a completely proprietary processor. We are working on it and will release it in 2025.'

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Google is appealing that the Tensor processor installed in the Pixel series is an 'independently developed processor'. For example, the official page of the foldable smartphone ' Google Pixel Fold ' says 'Google Tensor G2 developed exclusively for Google Pixel', and the official Android website also says 'Tensor is developed exclusively for Google Pixel. It is a processor. Tensor is the first attempt by Google to develop its own Android smartphone processor, ”he emphasizes that it is a proprietary processor.

However, it has beenpointed out that the Tensor processor may be a custom processor based on Samsung's processor 'Exynos' based on the model number and hardware configuration.

Meanwhile, The Information reported that Google was developing a completely proprietary processor codenamed 'Redondo' without cooperating with Samsung. According to The Information, Redondo was originally scheduled to be released in 2024, but there was a delay in development. After that, Google is developing a processor codenamed 'Laguna' on behalf of Redondo, and is said to aim to release it as 'Tensor G5' in 2025.

In addition, Samsung is in charge of manufacturing the existing Tensor series, but 'Tensor G5' will be manufactured with TSMC's 3nm process .

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