Stable Diffusion developer announces 3D animation generation AI 'Stability For Blender', enabling animation generation and 3D model texture generation

Stability AI, the developer of the image generation AI `` Stable Diffusion '', has released the AI-equipped extension `` Stability For Blender '' that runs on the 3DCG software `` Blender ''. With Stability For Blender, you can use AI functions such as 'generate your favorite image based on the rough image created with Blender', 'generate realistic texture from rough image of texture', and 'generate animation' for free.

Stability for Blender

Stability AI Announces Stability For Blender; Text To Image Creation in 3D — Stability AI

Stability For Blender is an extension developed for the free 3DCG software 'Blender' developed by open source, and can be operated even on a PC that does not have a high-performance GPU. The main functions of Stability For Blender are as follows.

◆ Generate your favorite image from the rendered image
With Stability For Blender, you can realize the operation of ``creating a rough draft of an image with Blender and generating your favorite image based on that draft''.

At this time, image generation is performed on Stability AI's servers. For this reason, it is possible to use the image generation function even on a PC that does not have a high-performance GPU.

◆ Generate realistic textures from rough texture images
When creating a work using 3DCG software, the quality of the texture applied to the surface of the 3D model directly affects the quality of the rendering result. However, it is quite troublesome to prepare realistic textures suitable for the scene. With Stability For Blender, you can generate a realistic texture like the one on the right from a rough image like the one on the left below.

The generated texture is varied by a prompt (text that indicates the characteristics of the generated image), similar to Stable Diffusion. Texture generation is also executed on the Stability AI server, so textures can be generated quickly even in environments without high-performance GPUs.

◆ Animation generation
Blender also has an animation creation function using 3D models. Creating animations in Blender usually requires manually setting each model and camera movement, but with Stability For Blender, you can generate animations simply by entering playback times and prompts.

Click the image below to see the generated animation. Although the finish is quite rough, it can be used to generate ideas quickly because it can generate animation quickly.

Stability For Blender can be downloaded for free from the link below. Stability AI also provides installation instructions and tutorials for various functions , but the link to the demo project was broken at the time of writing the article.

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