``git-sim'' that quickly generates animated images to show visually what happens as a result of the Git command

Initial Commit, which supports programmer development, released a command line tool `` git-sim '' on January 22, 2023 that can simulate the behavior of

Git in a local repository. With git-sim you can generate images and animations that visualize the impact of Git commands on your repository.

git-sim - Visually simulate Git operations in your own repos with a single terminal command.

GitHub - initialcommit-com/git-sim: Visually simulate Git operations in your own repos with a single terminal command.

The Initial Commit states that ``Git is designed to be simple under the hood, but it is notoriously confusing for new developers to learn how to use and understand it.'' The reason why beginners avoid Git is that Initial Commit is ``because the concept underlying the model of Git is broad'', ``it needs situational awareness to make Git versatile,'' and ``Git has no commands. Because there are so many.”

Especially for beginners, it is often said that they often work with anxiety that 'If you make a mistake in the command, you will lose the repository that is version controlled by Git.' This anxiety boils down to ``I don't know exactly what effect running a particular Git command will have on my local repository,'' says Initial Commit.

git-sim is a command-line tool written in Python that can generate images and animations of the effects of Git commands on the local repository, visualizing the effects of Git commands. To install git-sim, you need to install Manim , a math animation library, and its dependencies.

To install Manim, first install Python and FFmpeg . For Windows, open a command prompt and enter the following Winget command. After installing Python and FFmpeg, please restart the PC after passing through the path in the environment variable .
[code]winget install python[/code]
[code]winget install ffmpeg[/code]

Then install Manim.
[code]python -m pip install manim[/code]

Next, install MiKTeX , the recommended LaTeX distribution, to install LaTeX , which is required for rendering in Manim.
[code]winget install miktex[/code]

Finally, install git-sim with the following command.
[code]pip3 install git-sim[/code]

To use git-sim, navigate to your local repository at a command prompt and enter the git-sim command.
[code]cd <directory of local repository>[/code]

For example, `` git-sim log '' shows the last 5 commits.

git-sim status will show you the last 5 commits, as well as the status of your working directory, staging area, and untracked files.

git-sim branch [name of new branch] simulates creating a new branch.

You can simulate what it would be like to merge into the active branch with ' git-sim merge [branch name] '. You can play the animation by clicking the image below.

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