Headline news for December 15, 2022

It was announced that the exhibition ' All Pretty Cure Exhibition ~ 20th Anniversary Memories ~ ' will be held for the first time in history, tracing the miracle of all Pretty Cure series. The exhibition will be held from February 1 (Wednesday) to 19 (Sunday), 2023, and the venue will be Exhibition Hall A on the 4th floor of the World Import Mart Building in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro. Advance tickets are 2,300 yen for adults, 1,900 yen for university students, 1,300 yen for high school students to 3 years old, and 2,500 yen for adults, 2,100 yen for university students, and 1,500 yen for high school students to 3 years old. Online reservations will start at 10:00 on December 18, 2022.

All Pretty Cure Exhibition ~20th Anniversary Memories~

All Pretty Cure Exhibition ~ 20th Anniversary Memories ~ - YouTube

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List of new animations starting in winter 2022 - GIGAZINE

NASA announces the arrival of the probe to the solar corona for the first time in history - GIGAZINE

Report that microorganisms around the world are evolving to decompose plastic - GIGAZINE

Research results that ``waiting for 1 minute before cutting the umbilical cord can dramatically reduce the risk of death and disability of the baby''-GIGAZINE

A ``super highway in outer space'' that uses the gravity of the planet to move objects at high speed is discovered - GIGAZINE

The possibility that the age of the shark, which is said to be the ``oldest vertebrate'' discovered in 2016, is over 500 years old - GIGAZINE

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Frozen food `` It's 1 minute and 30 seconds at 600 W!

18: Still moving Anonymous 2022/12/14 (Wed) 09: 17: 54.97 ID: 5twn5SJS0
Pasta 'Achiachi on the outside!'
Wai 'Mix it up!'

◆ Science (Science, Academics, Technology)
Hong Kong's dolphins have decreased by 80% in 17 years, attracting attention to the problem of sea noise | National Geographic Japan version site

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Visiting Ukraine ``Securing Electricity is the Top Priority'' | NHK | Situation in Ukraine

The patrol 18 minutes before the discovery of cardiopulmonary arrest is also ``false'' Osaka Suspect Suicide, Injustice One After Another | Mainichi Shimbun

`` Responsibility of the people '' → `` Our responsibility '' Prime Minister Kishida's remarks, corrected by the LDP receiving ripples: current affairs dot com

Ukraine Recaptures more than 50% of Russian military-controlled areas Civil life is tight | NHK | Ukraine situation

Liberal Democratic Party Prime Minister's Statement ``Error in Announcement'' Corrected ``People'' to ``We'' | NHK

US Fed raises interest rate by 0.5%, shrinking rate First reduction since interest rate hike started in March | NHK

Liberal Democrat Sonoura lawmaker instructs evidence destruction or secretary exchange recording Suspicion of understatement | Mainichi Shimbun

Mr. Mio Sugita to succeed Mr. Abe? Abandonment of Akie's support Difficult selection of candidates for the House of Representatives by-election | Mainichi Shimbun

China's corona infection ``explosion'' progressed before deregulation WHO 3 photos International News: AFPBB News

Bank of Japan's Tankan Feeling of Labor Shortage Becomes Stronger Next Year's Shunto Wage Raise Focus | NHK | Price Soaring

Coronavirus and Mpox emergency expected to end next year WHO 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

Shiretoko sightseeing boat sinking accident “Seawater inflow from the hatch?” National Transportation Safety Commission | NHK | Shiretoko sightseeing boat sinking

``It is an illusion to threaten and deter the other party.'' Doubts about the Kishida administration's armament expansion plan, spoken by Ken Endo, professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Defense tax increase, acceptance party reversal also opposition, concern about utilization of reconstruction funds-Liberal Democratic Party: current affairs dot com

Rep. Sonoura admits advance report Conspiracy is denied Party income not stated: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Former Special Investigation Director, Second Trial Convicted Appeal Dismissed for Runaway Death Accident Tokyo High Court | Mainichi Shimbun

Russian International Political Scholar “Putin Administration Bet on National Survival” | NHK | Russia

Marriage with a woman who sympathized with the claim after the 'mask refusal man' incident ... Internet turmoil Wife is 'just about a mask' in court: Chunichi Sports / Tokyo Chunichi Sports

New tax system to promote investment in start-up companies by individual investors | NHK | Tax reform

Drunk on the train 4 times ``I'm not sure of my memory'' Liberal Democratic prefectural assembly apologizes: Asahi Shimbun Digital

One month after the onset of corona, 1 in 20 people have sequelae, hair loss, taste disorders, etc. [New coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'Rules apply to others'... EU's too deep darkness revealed by suspicion over Qatar World Cup | Newsweek Japan Official Site

More than 3,500 people have died in the United States after the new corona is serious, CDC analysis - Bloomberg

The motive is ``mother's homemade curry'' Judgment for the man who forced his mother to commit suicide A sad obsession since childhood [From Ishikawa] | FNN Prime Online

Toshiba reorganization, 1.2 trillion yen loan to domestic union Advance to private: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Disciplinary dismissal of 5 people directly involved in GSDF sexual violence Disposal of company commanders | Mainichi Shimbun

23 new corona deaths in Tokyo, 17,687 confirmed infections, 10 consecutive days increase last week | NHK | Number of new corona domestic infections

Tokyo Enactment of mandatory installation of solar panels in newly built houses Nation's first | NHK | Tokyo

Tokyo Enactment of Obligation Ordinance to Install Solar Panels in New Houses for the First Time in Japan | NHK Metropolitan Area News

Kosovo applies for EU membership 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

[Original] A man sentenced to a fine for ``possessing homemade gunpowder'' in front of the US Embassy.

◆ Lifestyle (life, lifestyle, health)
Three giant pandas leave for Chengdu, China ``Eimei'', ``Sakurahama'', and ``Momohama'' | Topics | Adventure World

Some people think that resellers and trading companies are together, so explain the difference-Togetter

What's in 'Makai no Tokyo's Public School'? Exploding from 30th to 4th place in the academic ranking, the rough junior high school disappeared-a consideration of the reason. -Togetter

[Colabo lawyers] 'Like' by a certain lawyer-Togetter

◆ IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)
How to distinguish illustrations generated by image generation AI | Oimo log

A story about engineers developing and verifying PCs for engineers - NTT Communications Engineers' Blog

The end of the YouTube bubble seen with Rafael ``one-tenth income''... Shivatar also ``one-fourth the number of views five years ago'' | Smart FLASH/Sumafura [Kobunsha Weekly Magazine]

Why...Illegal but not enforced! ? Ask an online casino expert-close-up modern-NHK

Getting RSA signatures right

Making sound exist in the VR world - Memorandum of Rakuto Ice

Fuzzy Keyword Extraction from Search Query (Implementation Based on Smith-Waterman Method) - Giftmall Inside Blog

◆ Anime, games, manga (subculture)
Anime `` White Saint and Black Pastor '' 1st PV [Broadcast in April 2023]-YouTube

TV anime ``Spy classroom'' main PV [start broadcasting on Thursday, January 5]-YouTube

'FANTAVISION 202X' - Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

Nintendo Switch ``PUI PUI Molcar Let's! Molcar Party!'' Set introduction video with dazzling spotlights-YouTube

``Super Detective Case Book Rain Code'' Introduction Trailer-YouTube

'Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty' 2nd trailer - YouTube

``Gran Turismo 7'' December 2022 update trailer-YouTube

'OCTOPATH TRAVELER II / Octopath Traveler II' 3rd Trailer: Thieves & Priests - YouTube

[765] The song of 'Idolmaster' will be unsubscribed from December 28th! | NEWS | [Official] Idolmaster OFFICIAL WEB (Imus)

◆ Sports, entertainment, music, movies (entertainment)

Virtual girl groups on the rise in K-pop - BBC News

What is it?: [Sad news] Mr. Kiina 'This is a farewell to Kiyoshi Hikawa'

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If you live as you like, yeah, don't hold back

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Nourish properly. Properly treat yourself. Rich charge of vegetables and fruits Seasonal limited 'Vegetable Life 100 Smoothie Golden Peach & Cherry Mix' 'Vegetable Life 100 Smoothie Kiyomi & Blood Orange Mix' released | Kagome Co., Ltd.

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