A new work 'Chocolat Duo' has appeared in Haagen-Dazs' classic ice cream 'Hagen 8', so I tried it

A new “ Chocolat Duo ” has been added to “

Haagen 8 ”, a year-round product of Haagen-Dazs. The chocolate duo is a mini cup that allows you to enjoy two chocolate ice creams, milk chocolate ice cream and cacao chocolate ice cream, at the same time, so I immediately tried to see what it tasted like.

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That's why I bought a chocolate duo at once.

By type of ice cream, it is classified as 'ice cream' with the highest milk content, with 9.0% non-fat milk solids, 13.0% milk fat, 0.7% egg fat, and 2.5% chocolate fat. I'm here. Raw materials include cream (raw milk) at the beginning , milk chocolate, cocoa powder, cacao mass, caramel sauce and so on. The calorie per cup is 259 kcal.

It looks like this when you remove the outer and inner pigs. There are two colors of chocolate ice cream, the lighter one is milk chocolate ice cream with a stronger milk feeling, and the darker one is cacao chocolate ice cream with a stronger cacao mass flavor.

The mild and authentic milk chocolate ice cream contains caramel and vanilla as secret ingredients, giving it a gorgeous and rich flavor. When you actually eat it, the balance between the mellowness of milk and the flavor of chocolate is exquisite, making it a sweet and mild chocolate ice cream that even small children will enjoy.

Cacao chocolate ice cream with a rich cacao feeling is an ice cream that sticks to the flavor using Venezuelan cacao mass, which features a nut-like aroma. When you eat it, the way the scent of cacao spreads from the moment you put it in your mouth is different from milk chocolate ice cream, and the impression is that it is chocolate ice cream for adults who enjoy the scent and bitterness.

Of course it is OK to eat two kinds of chocolate ice cream at the same time. The sweet part and the bitter part are randomly mixed in a bite, so it's good to enjoy chocolate ice cream with various balances, such as slightly bitter and mild.

The suggested retail price is 319 yen including tax, and it will be sold at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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