Apple is trying to erase 'Hey' from the phrase 'Hey Siri' that calls Siri of voice assistant

Apple products such as the iPhone are equipped with the voice assistant AI 'Siri'. In order to call this Siri, it is necessary to use the wake word 'Hey Siri', but it is reported that Apple is planning to make this wake word only 'Siri'.

Apple's Next Change for Siri: Dropping the 'Hey' in 'Hey Siri' Trigger Phrase - Bloomberg

Apple reportedly wants to swap the 'Hey Siri' trigger phrase for just 'Siri' - The Verge

Bloomberg's Mark Garman, a reporter known for Apple's leak information such as information on the new iPhone and new Mac, said, ``Apple will delete only the wake word 'Hey' so that the user can just say 'Siri.' 'We are working on it. While this seems like a small change, this change is a technical challenge and requires a significant amount of AI learning and underlying engineering work.'

One of the reasons 'Siri' is more difficult than 'Hey Siri' is that languages and accents vary greatly between countries and regions. It is said that Apple uses the two words 'Hey Siri' as wake words to improve Siri's wake word recognition accuracy.

Amazon's voice assistant AI Alexa's wake word is 'Alexa' only, and it is only one word. In addition, Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana also changed the wake word 'Hey Cortana' to only one word 'Cortana' in 2018. Google Assistant requires a wake word consisting of two words 'OK, Google' or 'Hey Google', but a function 'Guacamole' that responds without saying the wake word has been developed.

A new function 'Guacamole' that Google Assistant can do tasks without saying 'OK, Google' is secretly being tested - GIGAZINE

Garman said Apple has been working on the plan since the first half of 2022 and hopes to introduce the wake word change in 2023 or 2024, which has already been tested several times by Apple employees. It is said that the necessary training data is being collected.

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