Research results that people prioritize ``spending on subs'' over ``spending on food and clothing'' even in accelerating inflation

Inflation is accelerating around the world due to severe economic conditions, and more and more people are reviewing their household spending due to anxiety about their lives. Even in the United States, there is a tendency to reduce living expenses due to fear of recession, but people tend to reduce food and clothing costs, but hardly reduce the money spent on subscriptions such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. I found out that it is in

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Consumers prioritize Netflix, Amazon Prime over groceries and gas

Subscription services such as Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime have become an integral part of many people's lives, and according to a survey by the National Research Group, 51% of the approximately 2,500 Americans surveyed It seems that it answers that 'it accounts for a considerable percentage of monthly expenses'. The average amount spent on subscriptions is $ 135 (about 20,000 yen), which is 17.8% of the monthly budget.

Due to accelerating inflation, 66% of Americans in the survey said they needed to review their spending, but 28 said they would cut spending on subscription services in the next six months. %, which was less than those who said they would reduce their spending on food, dining out and clothing.

The National Research Group also conducted a survey on ``which subscription service is most likely to be canceled'', and the results show that dating apps, efficiency apps, and cosmetic trial services are the most likely to be canceled.

The results show that most people prioritize staying on a subscription service, but experts warn that spending on subscriptions 'may be higher than you think.'

It seems that users tend to forget that they have registered, probably because the usage fee for the subscription service is basically automatically deducted from the credit card. According to a survey, 73% of those who registered with the intention of canceling during the free trial period of the subscription service forgot to cancel. 66% of consumers also found it difficult to keep track of all the streaming services they subscribed to.

According to another research company, C + R Research, most consumers underestimate the amount spent on subscription services by $ 100 (about 14,000 yen).

Despite the fact that subscription services tend to be excluded from cost reductions, spending is surprisingly high. 'Family budgets are smaller than they used to be, so reducing your monthly recurring spending can save you money.'

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