I drank 'White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe & Macaron Raspberry' topped with macaron on McDonald's classic popular frappe


McCafé by Barista , which is attached to some McDonald's stores and where dedicated baristas offer high-quality drinks, the `` White Chocolate Strawberry Series '' has appeared every year for a limited time since 2016. From this series, in 2022, the classic popular 'White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe' and the new ' White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe & Macaron Raspberry ' topped with macarons will appear, so what kind of taste is the drink? I drank it.

New work 'White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe & Macaron Raspberry' Limited sale from September 21 (Wednesday)

'White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe' will be available for a limited time from 9/21 (Wed.)! New appearance 'with macarons' too! | McDonald's Official

I immediately purchased 'White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe' and 'White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe & Macaron Raspberry' at the McCafé by Barista store .

The left is 'White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe & Macaron Raspberry' (M size, 610 yen including tax), and the right is 'White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe' (M size, 490 yen including tax). The only difference between the two is whether the macarons are topped or not.

The cup is only available in M size, and the size with the lid on is about the same as the iPhone 12 with a height of 146.7 mm.

McCafé by Barista logo on the side of the cup.

The attached straw has a tip like a spoon, so it is useful for eating whipped cream and white chocolate.

When you actually drink it, the drink part is strawberry frappe instead of McDonald's classic strawberry shake, so you can feel the creamy taste of milk and the sweet and sour flavor of strawberries more strongly.

A large amount of white chocolate is topped on the whipped cream part, so you can mix it with the frappe, or you can eat the whipped cream and white chocolate directly with a spoon while drinking the frappe.

The more you drink, the more the macaroon sinks and becomes harder to eat, so it seems good to eat the macaron first. The macarons that are topped are '

Macaron Raspberry ' (single item: 170 yen) sold at McCafé by Barista, and are characterized by a sweet and sour raspberry sauce and a moist texture that is typical of macaroons. At first, I thought macaroons were just a bonus for frappe, but when I put whipped cream on the macaroons, the frappe became even more dessert-like, making it a sweet treat. In addition, I thought that the macaroons would absorb the moisture of the frappe and the texture would change greatly, but the top and bottom cook fabrics are crispy on the outside, so the moisture will be absorbed and the texture will change. I never did.

In addition, ``White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe'' and ``White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe & Macaron Raspberry'' are scheduled to be sold for a limited time from September 21, 2022 (Wednesday) to early November, but will end as soon as they are gone. So if you are interested, please drink it early.

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