`` Apple Watch Ultra '' with a titanium high-durability case and large display that doubles the battery life of Series 8

At the announcement event held by Apple from 2:00 on Thursday, September 8, 2022, the new model of Apple Watch, `` Apple Watch Ultra '' was announced.

Apple Watch Ultra - Apple (Japan)

Apple Event - Apple (Japan)

Apple Event — September 7 — YouTube

Next, about Apple Watch Ultra, the new model of Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Ultra is a model designed specifically for exploration, adventure and endurance racing.

Apple Watch Ultra adopts an all-new design

Adopted titanium of the level used in the aerospace industry for the case part

Previous Apple Watches had a curved design with a rounded display, but the Apple Watch Ultra has a flat sapphire front crystal.

The case size is quite large at 49mm.

A new button called the action button is adopted.

The action button is a high-contrast international orange.

The Digital Crown on the side of the main unit has a large diameter and a deep groove.

Another feature is that the Digital Crown is protected by the case.

Designed to be operated while wearing gloves.

A second speaker is included to increase the volume.

3 strategically placed mics and advanced software

A single charge provides up to 36 hours of battery life.

Low power mode extends battery life up to 60 hours. This allows for multi-day adventures.

Plus, the most technical watch face ever made available for Apple Watch Ultra.

That's the wayfinder.

A dial that can display a lot of important information and has a compass built into the dial.

We have adopted a night mode to optimize the situation after the sun goes down ... ...

By turning the Digital Crown, it is possible to change the color and improve visibility in the dark.

Additionally, the Alpine Loop, a band for the new Apple Watch Ultra, was created with the explorer in mind.

A reinforced top loop holds the band securely in place.

Woven using an innovative process, the two layers are seamlessly joined.

In addition, an ocean band made of high-performance elastomer is also available.

Stretches to fit the wearer's wrist perfectly, even over a wetsuit.

The band can be firmly fixed even during high-speed water sports.

A trail loop for endurance athletes.

The lightweight fabric and higher stretch fit comfortably on your wrist.

It's our thinnest band ever and has convenient tabs for quick adjustments.

It was designed to be the best sports watch with features for every athlete.

In addition, a new custom positioning algorithm 'L1 + L5 GPS' is also incorporated.

The addition of an action button to Apple Watch Ultra allows you to start your workout with the highest precision.

For example, due to the introduction of a new function that automatically detects arrival at the track at the athletics stadium ......

With a single push of the action button, you can easily record segments for the ultimate track and field experience.

Full-accuracy GPS and heart rate measurement

Completely redesigned with a new accurate display and additional features

The orienteering view includes compass waypoints to record trail start points and tent locations.

Locations can be added quickly with the action button

Backtrace displays the route traveled using GPS information

This feature automatically launches in the background.

Designed for water sports ......

The Apple Watch Ultra is designed with a WR100 base that is twice as water resistant as the Series 8, so it can be used deep under the surface of the ocean.

When you enter the water, Ultra automatically launches a new depth application that shows your current depth, how long you've been underwater, and the water temperature.

For those who enjoy scuba diving as a hobby, Apple Watch Ultra is the best tool.

Conforms to EN13319, an internationally recognized technical standard for dive computers and gauges.

For hobbyists who enjoy scuba diving to depths of 40 meters, there is also a new Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra.

Measure water depth and diving time ......

It also displays the transparency of sea water and ocean currents.

It is color-coded so that it is easy to see even underwater, and complicated information is easy to understand.

The logbook also allows you to sort and search past dives.

So, the image summarizing the functions of Apple Watch Ultra is below.

In addition, Apple Watch Ultra is manufactured using environmentally friendly materials like other Apple products.

The selling price in Japan starts at 124,800 yen including tax.

Pre-orders start September 8th.

The release date is September 23rd.

Apple calls the Apple Watch Ultra 'the toughest, most capable Apple Watch ever.'

Below is a video summarizing the features of Apple Watch Ultra that flowed at the recital.

Introducing Apple Watch Ultra | Apple-YouTube

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