Summary of how to use ``promptoMANIA'' that can easily add parameters to character strings like spells that can be used in image generation AI ``Stable Diffusion'' and ``Midjourney''

In order to generate your favorite image using an image generation AI such as

Stable Diffusion , you need an English sentence called 'prompt' or 'spell'. In this prompt, you can enter character strings such as '2D style', 'painting style', and 'Hayao Miyazaki taste' as additional parameters to expand the width of the image. is 'promptoMANIA'.

promptoMANIA:: AI art community with prompt generator

When you access 'promptoMANIA', the following page will be displayed. promptoMANIA supports AI ``Midjourney'' and ``Stable Diffusion'' and Stable Diffusion's web version ``DreamStudio'', but this time I want to try it with Stable Diffusion, so click ``Stable Diffusion''.

Then a screen like this will be displayed.

Start by entering the prompt in the top box. For creating prompts, services such as '

clip-retrieval ', ' Lexica ', and ' The Ai Art ' that acquire English sentences from reference images are convenient. After entering the prompt, click to choose whether the image you want to generate is closer to 'Face', 'Sphere' or 'Landscape'.

Then add parameters. The parameters are ``Art Medium'', ``Camera'', ``Color'', ``Dimensionality'', ``Display'', ``Geometry'', and ``Intangibles'' for each genre. 'Lighting' 'Material' 'Post-processing' 'Advanced'.

For example, clicking 'Art Medium' will display more detailed genres such as 'Drawing', 'Pencil' and 'Ink'.

When you click 'Drawing', the completed image such as 'Sketch', 'Drawing' Doodle ', etc. will be displayed as a sample. Find your favorite image from these and click the 'Add' icon OK.

This will add the parameters to the top prompt. Note that you can add multiple parameters.

Then select the art style parameters and click the add icon if you like the same as above. There are 77 types of art styles available at the time of article creation, such as '

Andy Warhol ', ' Assassin's Creed ', and ' Yayoi Kusama '.

After adding various parameters, click the copy icon to copy and use it as a prompt for Stable Diffusion.

This time, to the prompt 'ruin, buildings, cat, moss, city, cyberpunk', 'in the style of Assassin's Creed' ' Add the 'Illustration' parameter and actually generate the image using '

Artroom Stable Diffusion ' that can execute Stable Diffusion in the Windows environment.

The generated image looks like the following. I can't tell if 'Assassin's Creed' is reproduced, but the 'illustration' that followed the prompt was completed.

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