Xbox announces 'Xbox Series X / S will not raise' in response to PS5's 5500 yen price increase

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), which develops and sells the PlayStation brand, has announced a price increase for PlayStation 5 (PS5) . In Japan, both the disc drive version and the digital edition of PS5 will be raised by 5,500 yen, but the rival game machine Xbox Series X / S will have to raise the price accordingly. , announced by Xbox.

Xbox responds to PlayStation's price hike | Windows Central

On August 25, 2022, SIE announced price increases for PS5 in Japan, Europe, the UK, China, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. As for the reason for the price increase, SIE cites 'the impact of difficult economic conditions.' In Japan, the price has been raised by about 10%, but in some areas the price has been raised by 20% or more.

The revised PS5 prices for each region are as follows. In addition, the price revision will be applied immediately in regions other than Japan.

・Japan (Revised from Thursday, September 15, 2022)
PS5 (with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive): 60,478 yen (tax included)
PS5 Digital Edition: 49,478 yen (tax included)

PS5 (with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive): €549.99
PS5 Digital Edition: €449.99

PS5 (with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive): £479.99
PS5 Digital Edition: £389.99

PS5 (with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive): 4299 Chinese yuan
PS5 Digital Edition: 3499 Chinese Yuan

PS5 (with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive): 799.95 Australian dollars
PS5 Digital Edition: $649.95 AUD

PS5 (with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive): 14,999 Mexican pesos
PS5 Digital Edition: 12,499 Mexican Pesos

PS5 (with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive): $649.99 CAD
PS5 Digital Edition: $519.99 CAD

In response, a Microsoft spokesperson revealed to Windows Central that there are no plans to raise prices for the Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft said, ` ` We are always evaluating our business to provide our fans with great gaming options. is still $ 499 (54,978 yen including tax in Japan).'

Microsoft's next-generation machine 'Xbox Series X' opening ceremony, I carefully observed the black rectangular parallelepiped that enables 4K 120 FPS - GIGAZINE

Windows Central, which elicited a comment from Microsoft that it will not raise prices, said, ``This statement does not guarantee that the price of the Xbox Series X/S will never be raised, but Microsoft will raise prices in the short term. It is clear that we do not intend to implement

It is clear that the global pandemic of the new coronavirus is causing supply chain disruptions and rising prices not only in the game industry but also in various industries. In the UK, it is reported that the year-on-year growth rate of the consumer price index will record an unprecedented 18% in January 2023 due to soaring energy prices due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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