The U.S. government and private companies have cooperated in the development of 'heat pumps for cold regions for housing' to realize environmentally friendly and highly efficient heating.

Prototype developed by

Lennox International , based in Richardson , Texas, USA, on June 17, 2022, at the United States Department of Energy (DOE) -led ' Heat Pump Technology Challenge for Residential Cold Regions ' Was announced to meet the required criteria. It is expected that the introduction of highly efficient heat pumps in houses in the northern United States, which are hit by severe cold in winter, will help reduce energy costs and protect the environment.

DOE Announces Breakthrough in Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology | Department of Energy

In the United States, which has a large land area, many areas are hit by severe cold every year, and 46% of the carbon dioxide emissions of buildings are due to air conditioning and hot water supply, and more than 40% of the primary energy used in American residential and commercial equipment. Occupies. In addition, 42% of the energy cost of all buildings and 56% of the electricity bill in ordinary households are due to air conditioning and hot water supply.

Therefore, it is estimated that the development and deployment of highly efficient heat pumps will reduce the utility bills of ordinary households by as much as $ 500 (about 68,000 yen) per year, and the environmental goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050. It is also indispensable for the achievement of.

Therefore, in 2021, DOE launched a project called 'Heat Pump Technology Challenge for Residential Cold Regions' to accelerate the deployment of high-efficiency heat pumps for residential use in the cold regions of the United States. In this project, in cooperation with energy-related organizations and private companies, we will promote the development of heat pumps that heat houses in cold regions in a more environmentally friendly and efficient way, and will also assist and support the introduction of next-generation heat pumps for general houses. increase.

Manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, and LG are participating in the 'Heat Pump Technology Challenge for Cold Regions for Residential Areas'. DOE has announced that the prototype developed by Lenox International meets the standards required by DOE. The Lenox International prototype is twice as efficient as before, 100% efficient in an environment of -15 degrees Celsius, and 70-80% efficient in an environment of -26 degrees to -15 degrees. thing.

DOE Secretary Jennifer Granholm said, 'DOE's'Heat Pump Technology Challenge for Residential Cold Regions' will improve the heating and cooling efficiency and energy use efficiency of heat pumps, making them a more attractive option for consumers in the United States. We're asking companies. Lenox has met this demand with the latest prototypes. ”“ Entering the emerging clean energy market is about strengthening manufacturing, high-paying employment, and in communities in Texas and the United States. It's a great economic opportunity to bring about a brighter and cleaner future. '

Prototypes developed by Lenox and other manufacturers will be tested in cold climates over the next two years to see how much performance and comfort they will have in the winter before commercialization in 2024. That is.

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