Confidential information on Chinese military tanks leaks due to dissatisfaction with the status of the game 'War Thunder'

In an effort to improve the status of Chinese tanks set in the game, some players have begun disclosing information, including drawings, about tanks. The information was immediately removed from the forum, but has been reposted, re-deleted, and circulated on Twitter and Reddit.

'War Thunder' player leaks Chinese tank specs to win internet argument

ANOTHER Guy Leaks Classified Military Documents In War Thunder

The problem occurred in ``War Thunder ,'' an ``MMO combat game'' where you can control over 2,000 types of vehicles from 10 countries, including tanks, aircraft, and ships from World War II to recent years. Chinese players who were dissatisfied with the status of Chinese People's Liberation Army tanks appearing in the game posted information such as schematics of the weapons on the forum.

The administrator banned the player and deleted the post as it was classified as confidential information in China. However, the content has been re-posted and spread to external social media.

War Thunder has made every effort to gather information about vehicles using legally available methods and tools, and has commented that such disclosures do not help developers.

Posting confidential information is clearly prohibited on the forum, but in July 2021, a player appeared who posted confidential information about British tanks.

A player appears who has published confidential military documents on the internet saying ``The depiction of tanks in the game is wrong'' - GIGAZINE

In October 2021, information about the French army's main battle tank Leclerc was revealed.

Military secrets leaked from the online game 'War Thunder' again, this time restricted documents of the fighter F-16A - GIGAZINE

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