The work that reproduces Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' with Minecraft is a masterpiece

YouTuber Chris DaCow has recreated '

Starry Night ', one of Van Gogh's masterpieces, in Minecraft. It took a month to produce using a vast field of 60 chunks (1 chunk = 16 blocks wide x 16 blocks long x 256 blocks high) or more.

I Built Starry Night in Minecraft! --YouTube

This person is Chris Da Cow. We are doing activities to upload to YouTube how Minecraft is doing large-scale construction.

Chris DaCow first started working on the mountains in the background. It is the first time to programmatically derive the appropriate blocks in order to faithfully reproduce the colors.

The next thing I created was a huge tree-like structure. With this as the reference point, the creation of surrounding blocks begins.

In the starry night, you can see some trees lined up between the town and the mountains. When Chris DaCow counted the number of trees, he found that it was 92 ...

He said that he created 92 trees using blue and green blocks.

Chris DaCow then moves on to building the house. It seems that it was not possible to know exactly how many houses there were just by looking at the picture, and when converting the 2D picture to the 3D Minecraft, it was decided to supplement to some extent with imagination.

Next is the creation of the most impressive starry sky in the picture.

Chris DaCow went out for inspiration but couldn't see anything in the city lights.

Therefore, Chris DaCow visited an exhibition that projected the Starry Night into the room.

Chris DaCow, who created the image, set about creating a starry sky.

A whirlpool of light floating in the air ...

We will create the moon and so on.

After finishing most of the work, Chris DaCow thought, 'Isn't there actually more stars in the background?' Therefore, when I visited Van Gogh's

official website and confirmed it, Chris DaCow found the description that 'The Starry Night is Van Gogh's drawing of the night view based on the memory of the daytime.' As a result, Chris DaCow became aware of the existence of the 'sun' in the painting. I started to finish it.

The final work looks like this.

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