Plans are underway to develop fusion energy in NVIDIA's virtual space 'Omniverse'

The realization of fusion energy is required as a clean energy to mitigate global warming. However, the unpredictable behavior of fusion reactions is difficult to discern and requires high energy inputs, making it difficult to make significant strides.

NVIDIA Omniverse , which reproduces the physical laws of the real world on a virtual space, is attracting attention as a 'power plant' that efficiently and reliably performs such fusion reactions.

Scientists Building Digital Twins in NVIDIA Omniverse to Accelerate Clean Energy Research | NVIDIA Blog

Building a Fusion Reactor Digital Twin in NVIDIA Omniverse --YouTube

NVIDIA's 'Omniverse' is a free open platform for enhancing and accelerating creative apps and workflows. By using it as a 'real-time 3D design collaboration' or 'virtual world simulation', NVIDIA will be able to utilize it in fields such as architecture / engineering, entertainment, manufacturing, supercomputing, and game development. Of these, the 'virtual representation of physical assets and systems in the real world (simulation that is faithfully reproduced physically and materially)' is called a digital twin , and a digital twin is constructed and researched in it. It is expected that it will proceed safely and efficiently, and cleanly and inexpensively by saving resources.

NVIDIA launches free version 'Omniverse', what can you do with 'Omniverse' in the first place? --GIGAZINE

For fusion research for clean energy development, a power unit is accurately installed in a virtual space (digital twin), the behavior of the charged plasma generated by fusion is accurately simulated, and experimental control and experiment control are performed. You need to build a maintenance system. Lee Margetts, a professor at the University of Manchester and digital chairman of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Agency (UKAEA), said of the project, 'A design change to one system will affect other systems.' He talks about the difficulty.

The research team has developed 'Omniverse Extensions' to simulate neutron transport within the power plant core, which carries energy from the power plant, and is building a simulation of visible light radiation as well. This gives researchers insight into the state of the plasma, NVIDIA said in a blog.

Furthermore, by using a development kit called 'Omniverse Replicator', it is possible to generate a large amount of physically accurate synthetic data of the operation of the power plant and plasma for training the robot system, so robot control that will be put into production in the future And the maintenance system can also be trained.

Regarding building and researching digital twins, NVIDIA Omniverse's deputy director, Rev Leveredian, used 'teleport' and 'time machine' as examples to build a superpower called 'virtual world'. Not only can you teleport to any coordinate in the world, you can always go back and explore any point in the space, and what will happen in the future if you are very accurate and have a good understanding of the laws of physics. If you have a simulator that can actually predict what you are doing, you will essentially get time travel to the future. We hope that accurate simulations and predictions will help you cope with this climate change situation. ' He talks about the outlook.

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