Finally, Starlink's connection service can be used on airplanes

Hawaiian Airlines, which connects Hawaii with mainland America and Japan, has announced that it has signed an Internet connection service contract with

SpaceX , a space development company owned by Elon Musk. With this agreement, Hawaiian Airlines will continue to provide SpaceX's satellite Internet service, Starlink , on major flights.

Hawaiian Airlines to Offer Free, High-Speed Starlink Internet Connectivity on Transpacific Fleet | Hawaiian Airlines | Newsroom

SpaceX signs Hawaiian Airlines for free Starlink Wi-Fi on flights

Starlink made a deal with Hawaiian Airlines to fix in-flight Wi-Fi --The Verge

According to Hawaiian Airlines, the company plans to implement free in-flight Wi-Fi by Starlink on Airbus A330, Airbus A321 (A321neo) and Boeing 787-9, which connect Hawaii with mainland America, Asia and Oceania. .. Hawaiian Airlines says Starlink will be available on some aircraft by 2023, although the implementation is still in its infancy.

Starlink is an internet service developed by SpaceX using 12,000 artificial satellites. It is a service that is expected to provide the same speed Internet connection environment in urban and rural areas by using a kit such as a dedicated receiving antenna and Wi-Fi router, and has already been tested in more than 12 countries such as the United States and Europe. It is done .


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Hawaiian Airlines has not previously provided in-flight Wi-Fi service, but in partnership with Starlink, it will provide in-flight Wi-Fi on all long-haul flights except flights between the Hawaiian Islands.

SpaceX has previously described in-flight Wi-Fi services as 'rapidly expanding in a $ 1 billion market,' and Viasat , a telecommunications company that is building existing ground. Has implemented market strategies to replace and GOGO . SpaceX has been testing in-flight Wi-Fi in collaboration with major American airlines such as Delta Air Lines , but none have been adopted. With SpaceX signing a contract with Hawaiian Airlines, 'The World's First Starlink for Aircraft' will be released. Jonathan Hoferer, Vice President of Commercial Sales at SpaceX, said, 'Hawaiian Airlines makes passengers experience the high-speed Internet of the 21st century and the hassle of downloading movies before takeoff is a thing of the past. I commented.

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