A 'destructive cyber attack' struck Ukraine just before the Russian invasion, but Microsoft responded with haste

Microsoft announced on February 24, 2022 that the Ukrainian network had been targeted by cyberattacks hours before Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. Researchers at the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) report discovering a new malware named 'FoxBlade' in this 'destructive cyberattack' targeting Ukraine.

Digital technology and the war in Ukraine --Microsoft On the Issues

Microsoft: Ukraine hit with new FoxBlade malware hours before invasion

'A few hours before the missiles were launched and tanks were launched in Ukraine on February 24, MSTIC detected a new round of'destructive cyberattacks' targeting Ukraine's digital infrastructure,' Microsoft said. I am reporting. MSTIC reported to the Ukrainian government that the use of FoxBlade was immediately confirmed and provided technical advice. Also, within 3 hours of discovery, a signature was created to detect a similar attack and added to Microsoft Defender.

Ukraine has been the target of many cyber attacks. In 2017, a type of ransomware called 'Not Petya' or 'Golden Eye' became widespread and infected the Ukrainian central bank system, state-owned telecommunications companies, ATMs, Chernobyl nuclear power plant systems, etc. Was reported.

Malware 'Not Petya (Golden Eye)' that brought down the system of the central bank, state communication, and Chernobyl nuclear power plant is a global epidemic-GIGAZINE

In January 2021, a wiper called 'Whisper Gate' was used by several Ukrainian government agencies, and in early February, a wiper called 'Hermetic Wiper' was used targeting Ukrainian government agencies and companies. Both have been found to be malware that makes the Windows PC unbootable by destroying the Master Boot Record . Immediately before the Russian invasion on February 24, following a series of attacks, the Ukraine Security Agency reported that 'Ukraine has been the target of a'hybrid war wave'.'

DDoS attack on Ukrainian government site and new malware discovering data deletion on hundreds of Ukrainian machines-GIGAZINE

It is not clear what kind of malware the FoxBlade discovered this time will behave, but Microsoft said, 'We did not see the use of indiscriminate malware technology that spreads across the Ukrainian economy and borders. It seems that the damage scale is not as large as NotPeTya, which raged all over the world after being confirmed in Ukraine, partly because Microsoft responded promptly.

Microsoft has advised the Ukrainian government on cyber attacks and continued to properly share information with NATO and US officials, which led to the detection and defense of this attack.

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