It is clear that the SNS account that repeats anti-Ukrainian claims was fake, the profile image was also made by AI, and its followers were also made by fake AI

Accounts that repeatedly post fake news that would put Ukraine at a disadvantage on Facebook, Twitter, etc. belong to a fictitious person who does not exist, and what is set in the profile image is created by artificial intelligence (AI) It has been revealed that it is a photograph of a fictitious person.

Facebook, Twitter remove disinformation accounts targeting Ukrainians

Meta, the operator of Facebook, has announced that it has removed a network of accounts that post fake news about Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The network reports anti-Ukrainian fake news using accounts impersonating fictitious people such as news editors, aviation engineers, and authors of scientific publications, as well as accounts disguised as fictitious news outlets. It has been pointed out that the profile image of an account impersonating a fictitious person uses a profile image generated using artificial intelligence (AI) related technologies such as hostile generation networks (GANs).

Deleted Russian account that Twitter and Facebook send fake news claiming to be 'Ukraine disadvantage'-GIGAZINE

NBC News reporter Ben Collins posted an AI-generated profile image used in a fake account to post fake news on his Twitter account.

Below is one of the fictitious profile images created by AI. According to the post, the setting of this fictional character is 'a blogger from Kyiv, Ukraine, whose name is Vladimir Bondarenko. He hates the Ukrainian government.'

The profile of this fictional character seems to have been posted on a fake media called 'Ukraine Today'. The profile says, 'Although I was originally an aviation engineer, the'collapse' of Ukraine's aviation infrastructure forced me to write a blog.'

There are multiple grounds for finding out that a fictitious profile image is made by AI, one of which, Collins cites 'characteristic ears.' This ear seems to be one of the features that comes out when using a service that creates images of fictitious people called This Person Does Not Exist .

In addition, a person named Irina Kerimova, a colleague of Vladimir Bondarenko, has also been revealed to be a fictitious person created by AI. The woman's profile says, 'I became the editor-in-chief of the Russian propaganda website in 2017, and before that I was a guitar instructor.' The profile image of the woman does not seem to be strange, but it is 'suspicious' because the left and right earrings are different.

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