Samsung 'Galaxy S22' series overseas review summary, what is the evaluation that Samsung's flagship series got?

On February 10, 2022, Samsung announced three models of the Android smartphone ' Galaxy S22 ' series and three models of the high-end Android tablet ' Galaxy Tab S8 ' series, which are the substantial successors to the Galaxy Note. Along with this announcement, overseas IT news sites reported review articles all at once, so I summarized them.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a Note successor with a built-in stylus --The Verge

Samsung's Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus put improved cameras and performance in a samey design --The Verge

Samsung Galaxy S22 hands-on review | Tom's Guide

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The newly announced Galaxy S22 series features a triple camera on the back to support Super HDR. 'AI Stereo Depth Map' that can accurately identify even thin subjects such as straws, 'Auto Frame Rate' that automatically adjusts the frame rate of videos according to the ambient brightness, and 'Auto Frame Rate' that allows you to take bright ultra-high resolution photos even in dark places. Software aspects such as 'Adaptive Pixel Technology' and 'Super Steady System' that can shoot videos with less blurring without a tripod have also been expanded, and camera-related items have been strengthened.

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 Highlights | Samsung --YouTube

There are three models, 'Galaxy S22', 'Galaxy S22 +', and 'Galaxy S22 Ultra', and the top-level Ultra has added another telephoto camera to the three-lens configuration of ultra-wide-angle camera, wide-angle camera, and telephoto camera. Equipped with a quad camera. Also, the 'Ultra' was the first to support the 'S Pen' that was a feature of the Note series in the previous generation 'Galaxy S21 Ultra', but the new generation Galaxy S22 Ultra goes one step further than just supporting the S Pen. Not only is the S Pen installed as standard, but it is also possible to store the S Pen in the main body. The hardware side of the built-in sensor port has been upgraded to significantly reduce the input delay during writing from 9ms to 2.8ms, achieving smooth pen input.

See below for the differences between the three models.

Model comparison | Galaxy S22 vs S22 + vs S22 Ultra (Galaxy S22 vs S22 + vs S22 Ultra) | Galaxy Official (Japan)

Along with the appearance of such Galaxy S22 series, IT news sites are reporting 'reviews that I actually used'. The S22 series has been fully released, but its reviews are often dry. Both Techradar and Tom's Guide have rated it as 'a good smartphone, but it's too similar to the previous generation,' with a notable change: 'The back of the S21 was made of plastic, but the back of the S22 is back to glass. 'There is.' Many people say that the back of the S21 is 'cheap' because of its material, and that the return to the same glass as the previous generation of the S21 has revived the sense of luxury.

Regarding the camera, which is one of the highlights of the S22 series this time, 'it takes a longer review period to make a formal evaluation', but Tom's guide 'takes in more light with an enhanced main lens'. The difference between light and dark is handled well. '' AI Stereo Depth Map, which can calculate the depth to the details like hair, makes the fringe between the subject and the background in portrait photography. It is decreasing. ' On the other hand, the first impression was harsh, 'I felt that there was nothing that caught my heart in terms of contrast, detail, or presentation.' Techradar even states that 'there is nothing new in the camera experience.'

On the other hand, regarding the evaluation of the flagship model 'Galaxy S22 Ultra' that came to be equipped with S Pen as standard, the opinion that 'completely Note' is the mainstream. The Verge states that 'Note has changed its name' and Tom's Guide states that 'Note is back', and in addition to the significant improvement in input lag, the algorithm for guessing the path of the pen has been improved. As a result, the recognition rate of handwritten characters has increased, and the convenience of '

air action ', which allows you to operate camera apps with gestures using a pen, is praised. In addition, the display has become extremely bright with a maximum of 1750 nits, and a large capacity battery of 5000 mAh corresponding to a charging speed of 45 W can be charged up to 50% in just 20 minutes. It was highly evaluated.

Samsung also announced the high-end Android tablet 'Galaxy Tab S8' series on the same day as the above-mentioned Galaxy S22 series.

Breaking the Rules with Galaxy Tab S8 Series: the Biggest, Boldest, Most Versatile Galaxy Tablet Ever – Samsung Mobile Press

The Galaxy Tab S8 series is equipped with an octa-core processor manufactured by the 4nm process, and you can select up to 16GB memory for the top model S8 Ultra and up to 12GB memory for S8 + and S8. In addition to up to 512GB of internal storage, it also supports up to 1TB of MicroSD.

The display is 14.6 type for S8 Ultra, 12.4 type for S8 +, 11 type for S8, all supporting up to 120Hz. All three models are dual cameras with a wide angle of 13 million pixels and an ultra wide angle of 6 million pixels on the back, and on the display side, only S8 Ultra has 12 million pixels wide angle & 12 million pixels ultra wide angle 2 cameras, S8 + and S8 have 12 million pixels Wide-angle monocular configuration. In addition to four Dolby Atmos-compatible speakers, it has three built-in microphones equipped with a noise reduction function.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series has been highly evaluated by overseas IT news sites, Tom's guide said , 'It can compete with the most impressive Galaxy tablet' and 'iPad Pro,' and The Verge said , 'It's bright and rich in colors. A screen that makes you want to watch movies forever. ' A clear audio experience, a microphone noise canceling function, and a function that keeps the subject in the center with the automatic framing technology installed in the camera are ideal for video calls. Although the OS is Android, which is an OS for mobile, it is evaluated as 'it can be used as a notebook PC' because it has a keyboard as an option and it has a multi-window mode.

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