Afternoon tea became baked chocolate and sandwich cookies, so I actually tried it

'Afternoon Tea Straight Tea Baked Chocolate ' ' Afternoon Tea Milk Tea Sand Cookie ' 'Afternoon Tea' with chocolate and cookies made from the three classic 'Kirin Afternoon Tea'

flavors: straight tea , milk tea , and lemon tea. 'Lemon Tea Garrett Sand ' will be available from January 18, 2021 (Tuesday). I actually tried to see how much the taste of the three black teas was reproduced.

Morinaga Confectionery x Kirin Beverage Afternoon Tea Straight Tea Baked Chocolate Afternoon Tea Milk Tea Sand Cookie Afternoon Tea Lemon Tea Garrett Sand January 18, 2022 (Tuesday) New release for a limited time-a new normal tea time that you can easily enjoy Proposal 'The best afternoon tea ever!' Is reproduced with sweets! Let's enjoy eating and comparing together! ~ | 2021 | News Release | Morinaga & Co.

The three packages of 'Afternoon Tea Straight Tea Baked Chocolate', 'Afternoon Tea Milk Tea Sandwich Cookie', and 'Afternoon Tea Lemon Tea Garrett Sandwich' look like this.

Let's start with 'Afternoon Tea Straight Tea Baked Chocolate'.

The name is quasi-chocolate. The raw material names include sugar, vegetable fats and oils, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, and black tea leaf powder.

Calories are 23 kcal per grain.

The large bag contains 23 chocolates in small portions.

When I opened it, the size of each grain was about 2.5 cm.

When you actually eat it, the scent of black tea rushes in the moment you put it in your mouth.

It has the same texture as Morinaga's bake, and the surface is crispy, but the inside is smooth and smooth. The aroma of black tea is strong in the first half, but as it melts, it merges with the bittersweetness and flavor of chocolate.

How reproducible is it? So, I actually prepared afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea was

renewed in 2021 to make it clearer and less astringent. Comparing the tastes of the head family and chocolate, it is unclear whether 'afternoon black tea straight tea baked chocolate' has the bitter taste of chocolate or because it contains black tea leaf powder, but 'black tea than the head family' The tea element is so strong that you can feel that it has a strong flavor.

Next, I will try 'Afternoon Tea Milk Tea Sandwich Cookies'.

This is also the word 'black tea leaf powder' along with wheat flour, sugar, shortening, grape sugar, chicken eggs, margarine, etc. in the raw material name.

The calorie is 62 kcal per piece.

There are a total of 8 sachets in the box.

When I opened it, the cream was sandwiched between the two cookies.

The size is about 4.5 cm in total length.

When I separated the two cookies, the cream in between was a milk tea-like shade.

Milk tea sandwich cookies have a crunchy texture. While baked chocolate extrudes black tea entirely, milk tea sandwich cookies have a fluffy black tea finish.

Compared to the original milk tea, I felt that the reproducibility was a little weaker than the straight tea baked chocolate because the milk was not mellow, which is peculiar to the original.

At the end, I will try 'Afternoon Tea Lemon Tea Galette Sandwich'.

Raw material names include wheat flour, shortening, concentrated lemon juice, and black tea leaf powder.

The calorie is 139 kcal per piece.

There were 6 sachets in the box.


The size is about 6.5 cm in diameter.

'Afternoon Tea Lemon Tea Galette Sandwich' also has a strong scent that makes you clearly understand 'Lemon Tea!' The moment you put it in your mouth. Unlike milk tea sandwich cookies, which have a crunchy texture, cookies have a very soft finish. Also, while the scent of lemon is strong, it does not have much sourness, so people who are looking for sourness seem to be overwhelmed, but it is recommended for those who like that scent of afternoon tea lemon tea.

For those who want sour taste, it is also good to eat it in combination with the original lemon tea. There is a sense of unity in the aroma, so you can eat it together without any discomfort.

The 'Afternoon Tea Straight Tea Baked Chocolate' and 'Afternoon Tea Lemon Tea Garrett Sandwich' are open prices, and the reference retail price for 'Afternoon Tea Milk Tea Sandwich Cookies' is 216 yen including tax.

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