A fierce man who made his own 'patrol robot that can intercept enemies with punches and water guns' appears

Chinese YouTuber

handicraft 耿has been gaining popularity by posting videos that make unusual inventions, such as the 'self-propelled piano-type BBQ grill, ' in which skewered meat is grilled when playing the piano while running on three wheels. Mr. Teiko has released a new video to create 'a patrol robot that can get into the cockpit and attack with punches and water guns'.

ENG) Homemade Security Patrol Mech [Handy Geng] --YouTube

One day, an uncle came to Mr. Teiko's workshop and said, 'I'm free even at home, so Mr. Teiko will watch over the workshop while I'm away.'

However, since the uncle is already old and is in a state where he usually walks with a cane, he cannot deal with the appearance of robbery. Therefore, Mr. Teiko decided to make a patrol robot that the uncle could board and intercept the enemy.

Two tracks were brought into the workshop by truck.

Give this track a metal rod ...

Fix it.

We will also make full use of welding etc. to assemble the base part of the robot.

Mr. Tadashi, a handicraft who cuts waste materials and molds parts.

The motor installed in the hollow part is ...

For moving tracks through a chain.

A fuel tank is attached to the rear.

Also attach the lever for maneuvering.

It was made by bending a thin metal plate ...

It is a part on the front of the robot that covers the cockpit.

Cutting metal ...

We make the necessary parts from scratch by folding them.

The result is a combination of mysteriously shaped parts ...

It was a robot's arm.

On top of that, there is something like a weapon. At this point, you can see the whole picture of the robot to some extent.

Besides installing a light on the front ...

There is also a speaker on the back for some reason.

Install your own control system ...

I covered it with a wooden board.

It was completed in this way ...

Handmade patrol robot. It looks like a romance and a retro impression.

Immediately, Mr. Teiko boarded in and steered. Use the springboard to get into the cockpit ...

Turn on the main power switch.

If you push the lever forward ...

The tracks moved and moved forward.

At first, he had a hard time driving, but eventually he became able to master backs and turns.

If you get used to it, you can turn on the spot. Mr. Handicraft enjoys driving as if he had returned to his childhood.

Also, when you press the button on the lever ...

The fist on the front can be extended to deliver the robot punch.

A handicraft who hits a bucket that looks like an enemy with a robot punch.

You can fire a water gun from the top of your arm by pressing another button.

It is possible to attack the enemy with a robot punch and a water gun.

Perhaps he liked the water gun, Mr. Tadashi, who sprinkles water while making a sharp turn on the spot.

In addition, you can listen to music during patrol because you can play sound from the speaker behind you via your smartphone.

You can also patrol at night by using the front light.

When I illuminate the light at night, it looks like this.

Reading glasses case ...

A storage place for the cane is also prepared, and it is a specification for the uncle.

After checking the operation, I called my uncle and asked him to actually ride it.

Robot punches are delivered ...

You can fire a water gun by using the older brother of Handicraft as an enemy.

Regardless of whether it can actually be used for patrols, it seems that the uncle was very pleased.

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