Astonished concept movie in which containers deform into drone type unmanned weapons and annihilate bases and aircraft carriers

Turkish engineering company "Dahir InsaatContainer-type unmanned weapon devised by itself is a weapon that can annihilate military bases and aircraft carriers on their own or can combine with multiple containers to evolve into a more powerful weapon, what this is like in a practical place It is supposed that no movie that simulates whether it plays an active role is a ton demo.

Оружие которое появится через 10-20 лет. - YouTube

In the movie, one large truck first appeared.

It is a military base built in the plain.

There are anti-aircraft missiles and ...

Fighter aircraft

It is deployed up to the stealth aircraft and it seems not to be a very opponent who can bear a very hand of one truck ... ....

A man of mine comes down from the truck.

In his operation the container is open and open, and various kinds of devices appear from inside.

A motorcycle that is loaded in a container is used when a person setting a unmanned weapon locally escapes from the place.

Things like elongated blades are stacked on the top of the container ... ...

Attach this to the blue parts at both ends of the container. Of course all of these actions are performed automatically by the equipment in the container.

Then it became a propeller of 4 blades like this.

The propeller grew with Queen ... ...

Two additional propellers are created.

Completion of an unmanned drone that fly with four propellers in this way.

At the base of the four propellers ......

Gatling gun is carried.

A green square container on the back part of the Gatling gun.

In this there are a lot of bullets to shoot out of the Gatling gun. So, preparation is OK if the silver parts extending from the container are inserted in the back of the gatling cannon.

At the end just push the button.

The rest is to start flight automatically ...

And it will annihilate the enemy without permission.

Suddenly unknown drones that emerged from the forest, there is no technique for military base forces.

Awesome anti-aircraft missile ......

It was destroyed while preparing with Trotoro.

Antenna for communicating with the outside ... ...

The fighting machines that were lined up in large numbers will also serve as victims of Gatling guns one after another.

Of course the stealth machine is also crushed in a moment.

Next, it seems that we will destroy the aircraft carriers floating in the sea with container weapons.

It is this blue heavy truck that destroys aircraft carrier ... ...

A total of 5 units of 4 red tracks.

The container of the blue truck contained such equipment. Apparently it seems to be a different type of weapon from the previous container to see the figure.

Features are blue parts attached to the four corners of the container.

Keep container of red truck here ...

Dock the equipment in the container.

Then assemble the propeller parts that were in the red container ... ...

Completion of the unmanned drones.

Gatling cannon in the center of the main body.

In the green container ......

There are plenty of bullets to fire with a Gatling gun.

And a large amount of fuel in the arm part connecting the four propellers and the central parts where Gatling guns etc. are stacked.

When Dolone's sortie ready ... ...

If you get on a motorcycle and get away, OK.

After that, Drone singles alone and annihilates the enemy.

Looking from the aircraft carrier as if the drone appears suddenly from the forest like this.

It is! Is it?

It is not something that accumulated because the drone who appeared suddenly attacks the defenseless aircraft carrier.

I could not do anything and fell into a state of destruction quickly.

Besides, Drone can load large missiles instead of Gatling guns.


If we build this, we can easily annihilate what we can not destroy with Gatling gun.

In addition, if you build a slightly smaller missile ......

Even a large number of tanks ......

It is a fine dust with missile fire.

In addition, on the following page, a large amount of images of the 3D model which clearly shows what details of container weapons devised by Dahir Insaat are like are uploaded, and it is written as "5 km by 50 ton container."

Как мы работали над летающей пушкой. |

In addition, there seems to be a passenger car size in the container weapon, so it can accommodate various situations.

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