Animation explains how protein becomes muscle


Protein is a kind of supplement, it is a food that can easily ingest nutrition such as important proteins essential for sports, diet and muscle training. How is such muscle made by such protein ingestion in the body? A movie expressing that it is animated is released.

Men's Health Magazine // How a Protein Becomes a Muscle on Vimeo

First, enzymes present in the stomach and intestine are amino acid compounds that ingested proteinspeptide. Peptide is written "A" in the image.

Then the peptides moved to produce body tissue.

I arrived at the liver. Furthermore, it is taken to the muscles of the whole body via the liver by taking blood flow which is drawn as a pool.

What is muscle fiber bundle of proteinMyofibrillarIt is made of. Muscle training will damage that fiber and cause muscle pain ... ...

Depending on the signal emitted by the immune system, growth hormone and the amino acids that have been carried restore the place where the muscle fibers break.

Then the convocation took place from the speaker, and the peptide began to line up.

At the beginning of the line new myofibrils become bundles ... ...

Peptides carry myofibrils one after another.

Myofibrillar arrived at the arm which trains muscles with an iron array. The myofibrils originally attached to the iron arrays will be reinforced.

I lifted it gently. More powerful muscles were made by the proteins circulating around the body.

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