Happy new year, thank you for GIGAZINE again this year

Happy New Year, January 1, 2022. Thank you for your continued support of GIGAZINE this year.

This year's New Year's card comes with a coupon code that can be used to discount GIGAZINE's advertorial orders, so if you receive it, it will be a little better if you look at https://gigazine.biz/.

In addition, gift planning articles are continuing steadily.

GIGAZINE New Year's holiday gift big release project 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all together!' --GIGAZINE

Also, the GIGAZINE editorial department also wants a new year's gift, so if there is something like 'I'll send this to the editorial department!' From the Amazon wish list below, it will be very nice if you can click it. Thank you. Since Christmas, I've reviewed the list further and rewrote all the comments, so you should be able to understand the urgent situation that 'I want this for that reason ...'.

Wish list of GIGAZINE editorial department

As a matter of fact, last year it was a big deficit. In the midst of making efforts in various parts to increase profits, the conclusion that I took various steps was that it became quite natural that 'it is too unstable if you rely on Google's advertising revenue'. .. So, I'm very grateful that you can save money just by sending me various things in the above wish list.

Well then, thank you again this year.

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