New features such as 'Car lock on smartphone' and 'Expansion of variations of emoji kitchen' are now available on Android

On December 1, 2021, Google announced updates such as the ability to use your smartphone as a car key and the addition of the Google Photos 'People & Pets Widget' that displays family and pet photos on your home screen.

Get festive this holiday season with new Android features

The new features announced by Google are:

◆ Strengthening the connection with the car
Google Pixel 6/6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 are now available as keys for compatible BMW cars. You can open and close the lock just by connecting to the car with NFC and bringing your smartphone closer. In addition, for Android Auto compatible cars, the ability to reply to messages and play your favorite music with a single tap has been added.

◆ A new combination has been added to the emoji kitchen
A new combination has appeared in 'Emoji Kitchen' where you can combine emojis to synthesize new emojis. The latest combination is said to be deployed in the beta version of Gboard.

◆ Looking back on the anniversary with Google Photos
Introducing 'Memories' that combines photos taken on New Year's Eve, Halloween, birthdays and anniversaries that you set into one moment. Click on the image below to see how the Memories moments are displayed in a GIF image. This feature will be available within 7 days of the announcement, and individual anniversaries can be edited or deleted.

◆ Family bell
'Family Bell' is a function that allows you to ring a notification at a fixed time on all family terminals. If you set the family bell at a fixed time such as 'going out time' or 'picking up your child' on one Android smartphone, home speaker, or smart display, the device of the whole family will be notified. You can check how it works and what kind of notification sound sounds in the following video.

Keep everyone organized with Family Bell on Android --YouTube

◆ Widget enhancement
In addition to adding features to widgets such as Google Play Books audiobook progress and YouTube Music playback control, the 'People & Pets Widget' will be added to display family and pet photos with the Google Photos widget.

In addition to these new functions, it has been announced that the function 'Reset permission settings for apps that have not been used for a while' that was available on Android 11 or later will also be available on Android 6 or later devices.

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