Kirby's 'Meta Knight's Counterattack' arrangement was nominated for the Grammy Awards 2022, what kind of song is it?

A list of nominations for the 64th Grammy Awards (Grammy Awards 2022), the best music award in the American music world, was announced on November 23, 2021 local time. Game-related songs are rarely nominated for the Grammy Awards, but the song 'Meta Knight's Revenge' used in the popular 'Kirby Super Deluxe' of the Kirby series of stars. It became clear that the arrangement of was nominated for the Grammy Award 2022, and it has become a hot topic.

Kirby Got a Grammy Nomination Too --IGN

'Meta Knight's Counterattack' is the BGM used on the stage of the same name of 'Kirby Super Deluxe' released for Super Nintendo in 1996. Chiptune artist Button Masher and The 8-Bit Big Band arranged this 'Meta Knight's Counterattack', and the performance by The 8-Bit Big Band was nominated for the Grammy Award 2022.

The chiptune-like 'Meta Knight's Counterattack' of the nominated The 8-Bit Big Band performance can be viewed from the following.

Meta Knight's Revenge (From 'Kirby Superstar') (feat. Button Masher) --YouTube

Check out the complete list of Grammy Award 2022 nominations at the link below. 'Meta Knight's Counterattack' by The 8-Bit Big Band has been nominated for 'Best Arrangement, Instrumental, A Cappella'.

2022 GRAMMYs Awards Show: Complete Nominations List

It was the first time that a game-related song was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2012 when Austin Wintory's 'Journey' was nominated.

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