'Physical attack cases on the power grid' using drones are reported

The drone that crashed near a substation in Pennsylvania, USA in 2020 is likely to have been blown to destroy the electronics at the substation,

ABC News reports.

Drone at Pennsylvania electric substation was first to'specifically target energy infrastructure,' according to federal memo --ABC7 Los Angeles

A drone was modified to disrupt US Power Grid, says intelligence bulletin Security Affairs

It all started with a drone crash in July 2020 near a substation in Pennsylvania. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the National Counterterrorism Center , which have been investigating the drone, said that the drone may have been used for energy infrastructure in the United States. It has been revealed that it was the first case of an expensive, modified drone system.

According to information obtained by ABC News from these agencies, the drone attack did not disrupt the power supply or damage the substation equipment. However, the person who was driving the drone remains unknown at the time of writing the article, and the exact position of the drone's crash point has not been revealed at the time of writing the article.

Federal officials appear to have informed ABC News to raise awareness of the incident and the existence of drone-based attacks targeting infrastructure.

The left of the image below is the modified drone used for the attack, and the right is the substation that was the target of the attack. The drone used in the attack was a modified version of DJI's quadcopter 'Mavic 2'.

According to federal officials, the modified drone has been modified to damage transformers and distribution lines, and the crashed drone 'looks badly worn and would have been modified for just one attack. You can see that. '

Former Department of Homeland Security official Marty Edwards, vice president of operational technology at security company Tenable , said, 'Currently, we need to pay attention to every aspect of cybersecurity, but power grids like this one. We need to be aware that the physical threat to ours is becoming very real. '

ABC News also said, 'In recent years, the price range of drones has been declining and the spread is accelerating, so companies and government agencies in charge of important infrastructure will respond to the threat of physical attacks and surveillance by drones. You need to. '

In addition, DHS is investing in technology to counter attacks using drones, and in 2020, advises US government agencies on how to deal with attacks using drones.

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