Souta Fujii's double crown wins the Eiou battle and achieves the youngest triple crown in history

Masayuki Toyoshima and challenger Souta Fujii throne, Hulic Cup Kisei's sixth match against Eiou, which began on Sunday, July 25, 2021, was a five-minute match with two wins. The final station was held on 09/13 (Monday), and Souta Fujii's throne, Hulic Cup Kisei, won with 111 moves and won Eio. The double crown of Fujii broke the record set by Yoshiharu Habu for the first time in 28 years, and achieved the triple crown at 19 years and 1 month, the youngest in history.

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At the head office, the challenger, Futatsu Fujii, took the initiative due to the swing piece.

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The battle type is double wing attack. Many Go players decide their strategy for each game and put it in, but Souta Fujii often continues to select the same strategy, and in 2021, the adoption rate of double wing attack is high.

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The Eiou match has 5 hours each other, but at the main office, even if each other has less than 1 hour left, the midfield match will continue.

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It was Eio Toyoshima who used up his time first. There is no such thing as 'this move is the decisive factor', but gradually, Fujii's advantage.

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At the end of the game, the hand that Souta Fujii bounced with ▲ 9 Shichikei was exquisite, and the ball of Eio Toyoshima was cornered. It was a victory for Fujii Double Crown. Fujii's double crown was 19 years and 1 month, the youngest to win the triple crown. The previous record was 22 years and 3 months when Yoshiharu Habu's throne, Kiou, won the Dragon King in 1992.

Eiou Battle Broadcast Blog: Souta Fujii's throne, Hulic Cup Kisei takes the Eiou and becomes the youngest triple crown in history

The first title of King Fujii Shinei was 'Hulic Cup Kisei' in 2020, and in 2021 he succeeded in defending against the challenge of Akira Watanabe. Since he also won the 'Throne' after Kisei, he won the title for the third term by defending 'Kisei' and has been promoted to the ninth dan.

Masayuki Toyoshima, who fought in the Eiou match this time, will appear as a challenger in the seventh match of the 2021 throne match. Together with the Eiou battle, it was called the '12th game'. As a result, Fujii's throne succeeded in defending with 4 wins and 1 loss in the throne match, and Fujii's double crown took over Eio with 3 wins and 2 losses in the Eiou match, which was a severe result for Toyoshima Ryuo.

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In addition, Fujii double crown defeated Nagase Takuya throne in the 34th Ryuo challenger deciding match, and Toyoshima Ryuo will be challenged by Fujii double crown following the Eiou match.

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