Google develops 'Web application that AI checks skin diseases just by taking a picture'

According to Google, about 10 billion searches are performed each year related to skin, nail and hair problems, and the background is the global shortage of specialists. It has been pointed out. Another problem is that skin problems are difficult to find in words. So Google announced that it has developed a 'web-based skin image judgment tool' that makes it easy to understand what is happening to the skin.

Using AI to help find answers to common skin conditions

Google announces health tool to identify skin conditions --The Verge

This is not the first study of 'machine learning skin imaging,' and a research team at Stanford University announced in 2017 an algorithm to identify skin cancer from skin images.

It is possible to identify skin cancer only by images without relying on humans --GIGAZINE

The paper on the skin image judgment tool published this time was published by Google's development team and published in the academic journal Nature in May 2020. According to the paper, it was shown that the AI system for evaluating skin diseases can achieve the same accuracy as a certified dermatologist in the United States. In addition, it has been reported that doctors other than specialists can use AI to diagnose the skin with higher accuracy.

In order to use this web app, you need to take 3 pictures of your skin, hair and nails from various angles using your smartphone's camera.

Next, by answering various questions such as skin type and the date when the problem occurred, the AI model will analyze the symptoms and display highly reliable information. However, it seems that the tool does not provide diagnosis or give medical advice because it is desirable to have a professional diagnosis by a clinician.

According to Google, skin case data diagnosed with approximately 65,000 images, millions of skin cases so that the skin image determination tool works with age, gender, race, and skin color. He said that he trained AI using images and data for thousands of people. As a result, Google reports that Google's skin imaging tool has been certified as a 'Class I device' by the (PDF) EU Medical Device Regulations and has been approved to bear the CE mark.

According to Google, this skin image judgment tool will be released on a trial basis in the latter half of 2021.

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