I tried to conquer 7 new Domino's Pizza such as 'Pizza Rice Bowl Domino Deluxe' which makes the sinfulness of pizza x rice addictive

Domino's Pizza's 'Pizza Rice Bowl ' series, which is made by placing pizza ingredients and cheese on 100% domestic rice finished in butter flavor and baking it in the oven, has appeared on May 19, 2021. The rice is perfect for pizza with the flavor of chicken bouillon, and Domino's Pizza's popular classic pizzas, ' Domino Deluxe, ' ' Garlic Master, ' ' Charcoal Grilled Chiquiteri, ' ' Koryo Calvi, ' and ' Charcoal Grilled Beef. ' I was curious about the taste of the new menu, which was topped with 'Seafood Special (White Sauce) ' and '5 types of cheese ' that go well with rice, so I ordered all the types and tried them.

Pizza Rice Bowl | Domino's Pizza


This time I ordered on the internet. From top left, 'Pizza Rice Bowl Domino Deluxe,' 'Garlic Master,' 'Charcoal Grilled Chikiteri,' 'Koryo Calvi,' 'Charcoal Grilled Beef,' 'Seafood Special (White Sauce),' and 'Five Cheeses.'

First of all, from 'Domino Deluxe'. The toppings are tomato sauce, onions, peppers, pepperoni, Italian sausages and mushrooms.

The actual diameter of the container is about 16 cm.

When I tried it, the spiciness of pepperoni and the taste of Italian sausage matched well with the taste of royal road pizza, which was complemented by the gentle acidity of tomato sauce and the richness of cheese, and the aroma of butter-flavored rice.

Next, I will eat 'Garlic Master'.

The ingredients are tomato sauce, garlic (double), coarsely ground sausage,

pancetta , and black pepper.

The first thing you feel after eating a bite is the strong garlic scent. This addictive garlic flavor and the umami of the coarse sausage that was tightened with black pepper were a bite to taste.

The next thing I ate was 'charcoal-grilled chiquiteri'.

On top of the rice are tomato sauce, teriyaki chicken with teriyaki sauce, spinach, corn and mayonnaise.

The soy sauce-based teriyaki sauce goes perfectly with the soy sauce of mayonnaise. The charcoal-grilled chiquiteri has a nice accent of corn grain and sweetness, and I felt that it was a taste that not only adults but also children would love.

Next, I will try 'Koryo Calvi'. The toppings are cheese, beef ribs, peppers and garlic.

The garlic scent complements the sweet and spicy ribs like the sauce of grilled meat, and the rice goes on and on.

The next 'charcoal-grilled beef' I ate was topped with cheese, charcoal-grilled beef, spinach, and mushrooms.

The aroma of charcoal like skewers enhances the taste of beef many times. The meat is seasoned with a simple salty taste. The well-cooked fat melts in your mouth and mixes with the richness of the cheese, so you can fully enjoy the rich flavor of the meat.

Next, eat 'Seafood Special (White Sauce)'. The ingredients are white sauce, cheese, peppers, seafood mix, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, and parmesan mix.

There are five types of seafood: shrimp, octopus, mussels, clams, and small pillars.

When I ate a bite, the taste of seafood, the fruity acidity of cherry tomatoes, and the taste of cheese came together as a trinity, so I was able to eat it like a full-fledged Italian risotto.

The last '5 kinds of cheese' I ate is

a dish of 5 cheeses, Bocconcini from Italy, Camembert from Hokkaido, Parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, and Gouda cheese, made with white sauce.

When you try it, the rich taste of cheese spreads throughout your mouth. It tastes almost like cheese, but the flavors of various cheeses are intricately intertwined and monotonous, such as the milky feeling of Bocconcini similar to mozzarella, the richness and acidity that seems to be that of Parmesan cheese, and the unique aroma of Camembert. There is no such thing, so I felt that I could recommend it to cheese lovers without hesitation.

'Pizza Rice Bowl Domino Deluxe (1099 yen including tax)' 'Garlic Master (1099 yen including tax)' 'Charcoal Grilled Chiquiteri (1199 yen including tax)' 'Koryo Calvi (1199 yen including tax)' 'Charcoal Grilled Beef (1299 yen including tax)' ), 'Seafood Special (1299 yen including tax)' and '5 types of cheese (1299 yen including tax)' can be ordered at Domino's Pizza from May 19, 2021. If you choose to take it home instead of delivering it, you will get a 300 yen discount from the above price.

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