New law in Spain that abuse of pets will be punished in the same way as abuse of humans

A bill has been submitted in Spain that clearly states that pets are 'creatures, not things.' The bill provides that assaults on pets are as punishable as assaults on humans.

El Congreso respalda la propuesta socialista de protección y bienestar de los animales

Spain to give pets the same rights as humans, an animal welfare breakthrough in the home of bullfighting

On April 21, 2021, local time, Congressman Sandra Guaita, a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party , submitted a new bill on animal welfare and protection. The bill has already been reported to be overwhelmingly in favor of the Spanish Parliament.

The law submitted states: 'If a pet owner divorces, the court will make a decision on the welfare of the pet.' 'If you witness an abandoned pet, notify the authorities as well as respond to the missing child. It includes provisions such as 'need to do' and 'assaults on pets are punished in the same way as assaults on humans'.

'In recent years, there has been a growing understanding of animal susceptibility and animal protection in society as a whole. We, the legislature, said that Guaita said that about 40% of Spanish households have pets. We need to meet the new needs of society, 'he emphasizes the need for legislation that recognizes the rights of pets.

'We need to recognize that pets are different from furniture and other things, and have the ability to feel happiness, sadness, and pain,' said lawyer Laura Garcia. Insists on the significance of.

According to news media inews , European countries such as France, Germany, Austria, and Portugal also have laws recognizing pet rights.

In recent years, there have been increasing criticisms of traditional bullfighting culture in Spain as 'cruel', and in a 2019 survey, 56.4% of Spaniards had negative feelings about bullfighting. It has been found that there is a change in consciousness towards animals.

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