What is the 'COVID arm' that occurs when the new corona vaccine is injected?

Patients who received the new Coronavirus vaccine made by Moderna have reported that they had a red rash on the arm on the side of injection. This symptom is commonly known as the 'COVID Arm,' and experts are calling for continued vaccination, saying 'it's harmless so you don't have to worry about it.'

'COVID arm': Moderna vaccine rash a harmless side effect, doctors say


New Vaccine Side Effect “COVID Arm” Striking Patients, Say Doctors | Eat This Not That

A red rash like the one in the image below may appear on the arm after vaccination with the new Coronavirus vaccine made by Moderna. In some cases, such as insect bites, a local rash can occur, and in other cases, a fairly widespread rash can occur. In addition, since this rash occurs after vaccination, it can be said that it should be called 'COVID vaccine arm' to be exact, but the name 'COVID arm' is adopted in the media.

According to a series of reports, COVID arms often occur 5 to 9 days after vaccination, on average 7 days, but some cases occur on the 14th day. Once it occurs, it lasts for about 5 days, and it is painful to the touch and often itchy.

Alicia Little of Yale University explained that the COVID arm is a type of allergic reaction called 'delayed skin hypersensitivity ' that occurs as a result of the vaccine activating the immune system. The red rash caused by the tuberculin reaction test is also said to fall under this delayed skin hypersensitivity.

'It's not a fun experience to have a big red rash on your arm, but this phenomenon is known and harmless,' said Esther Freeman of Massachusetts General Hospital. Since the new Coronavirus vaccine made by Moderna is required to be inoculated twice with an interval of 28 days, it was emphasized not to neglect the second inoculation even if the COVID arm is inoculated by the first inoculation. ..

According to Mr. Freeman, who collects COVID-19 cases related to the dermatology field, there are only 14 reports of COVID arms, which is a rare phenomenon even if the omission of reports is taken into consideration. It has been said that the new Coronavirus vaccine made by Moderna may have side effects such as blood clots, but the reason for insisting that 'the COVID vaccine alone should get the Pfizer vaccine instead of the Moderna vaccine' It can't be, 'Freeman said.

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