Which country has the most support for IPv6?

Of the IP addresses that represent locations on the Internet, '

IPv4 addresses ' were exhausted in North America in September 2015, and in November 2019, all IPv4 addresses in Europe, including spares, were exhausted . As a countermeasure against such ' IP address exhaustion problem ', the transition to 'IPv6 ' is progressing all over the world. Akamai , a major CDN operator, discloses the spread of IPv6 in each country.

Current status of the Internet-Visualization of the spread of IPv6 | Akamai JP

The map showing the spread of IPv6 published by Akamai looks like this. A world map is displayed on the screen, and the countries with higher IPv6 penetration are filled with darker colors.

In addition, the 'IPv6 penetration rate' of the country where the mouse cursor is placed is displayed. The penetration rate of IPv6 in Japan is 40.6%.

The penetration rate of IPv6 in South Korea is 19.3%, which is less than half that of Japan.

The penetration rate of IPv6 in the United States of America is 41.4%, which is slightly higher than that of Japan.

The penetration rate of IPv6 in South Africa is 0.6%, which is lower than 1%. At the time of writing the article, the penetration rate was not displayed in many African countries and was blank.

At the bottom of the screen, the world ranking of IPv6 penetration is displayed. India has the highest IPv6 penetration rate in the world at 62%, far ahead of Belgium at 47.6% and Malaysia at 44.9%.

Japan (40.6%) has the highest penetration rate of 43%, followed by Vietnam (Viet Nam), which ranks 7th, and the United States, which ranks 8th with 41.4%. After Japan, 38.8% of Switzerland (Switzerland) is in 10th place, and 38.2% of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia) is in 11th place.

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