A mysterious movie from just one cell to the birth of a newt is on sale

Multicellular organisms , including humans and all animals and plants, grow by the biological phenomenon ' cell division ' in which one cell divides into two or more cells. The movie that captures the process of ' Alpine newt is born from only one cell through cell division' is mysteriously beautiful and makes you feel the mystery of life.

See a Salamander Grow From a Single Cell in this Incredible Time-lapse | Short Film Showcase --YouTube

The first image was a fertilized newt egg at a stage where cell division had not yet begun. It looks like an egg yolk, but in the image, the surface is moving like a cloud covering the earth.

A constriction suddenly formed on the surface of such a fertilized egg ...

Divided into two.

Further division continued and the number of cells became four. This is the early stage of cell division in a fertilized

egg called cleavage, and the name comes from the appearance of the egg breaking.

Up to four, the position and size of each cell were well-balanced, but after that, the apparent size of each cell became uneven.

The process of splitting into two immediately after each cell is wrinkled for a moment is repeated.

After many cell divisions, a mysterious pattern like scales was formed on the surface.

When cell division is repeated, the scales are divided into small pieces that cannot be seen with the naked eye ...

This time, on the contrary, it looks like it has returned to a slippery ball.

Continuing further, a lip-like part appeared on the surface this time.

A large dent was formed and the surface became a bubble.

When it became a folded shape like the one below, it started to move.

Furthermore, it changes to a croissant-like shape and escapes by twisting the body greatly from the thin skin that has been wrapped up until now.

Gradually, newt-like spots begin to appear on the surface.

From around 4 minutes , the beating sound of 'Dokun, Dokun ...' is added.

By the time you look like a tadpole, you should be able to clearly see your eyes. It moves around actively in the thin film.

In addition, gills called the

external gills, which are branched like trees, grow on the head. Outer gill like newt and salamander tailed such one of the features found in larvae, but usually is what growing disappear with lungs is formed, a portion of the tailed such as axolotl is The external gills remain after growth.

Eventually, I twisted myself in the thin film ...

Escape suddenly.

The larva immediately after hatching looks like this. The limbs have not grown yet and look more like a fish than a newt.

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