A mysterious multicellular organism `` Caveasphaera '' that can not be distinguished from animals or non-animals from fossils 690 million years ago is discovered

A fossil of 609 million years ago discovered a multicellular organism that was indistinguishable from animals and non-animals. This multicellular organism has animal-like developmental characteristics, and it has been shown that

embryos act like animal embryos.

The Early Ediacaran Caveasphaera Foreshadows the Evolutionary Origin of Animal-like Embryology: Current Biology

Animal-like embryos came before animals-UPI.com

A multicellular organism named “ Caveasphaera ” was discovered from 609 million years old fossils discovered in Guizhou Province in southern China. However, researchers were unable to determine whether the organism was an animal or a non-animal.

This fossil was a collection of microfossils that remained in various developmental stages of Caveasphaera, and it seems that single cells and multiple cells contained therein were analyzed using an X-ray microscope. “We were able to classify the fossils by growth stage and reconstruct the embryology of Caveasphaera,” said Kerry Burgas, a researcher at the University of Bristol.

In the fossil, the stage where Caveasphaera developed from an embryo to a living thing remained, and when analyzed in detail, it was found that the cells of the embryo go through processes such as division, invasion, detachment, and aggregation in the process. The This process gastrula so is very similar to the movement of cells performed at developmental stage, it that it is the way of development very close and animal embryos, including humans.

Zongjun Yin of Nanjing Geological and Palaeontology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said, “Our results categorize that Caveasphaera developed cells in exactly the same way as 'living animals including humans' during embryogenesis. However, there is no evidence that the embryo found in the fossil has evolved into a more complex organism, 'he said, while Caveasphaera's embryo shows the same development as an animal. , There is no evidence that it has grown into a complex creature like an animal.

Researchers have been unable to distinguish whether Caveasphaera is an animal or non-animal, but the latest analysis shows that this multicellular organism shows the development of an animal-like embryo, so different tissues I guess we have evolved the ability to create layers and organs.

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