Introducing a new law that does not accept consent obtained in the 'dark pattern' that guides users

Each state in the United States is trying to establish a new law that 'does not accept the consent obtained by the dark pattern ' for the digital interface ' dark pattern ' that tricks users with confusing designs.

Lawmakers Take Aim at Insidious Digital'Dark Patterns' | WIRED

The dark pattern is an interface intended to fool users, such as 'place a'subscribe'button next to the'buy'button' and 'registration is very easy, but withdrawal is very troublesome'. Things are classified as dark patterns. A good example of the dark pattern is the 'Amazon Prime Cancellation System,' which was filed in January 2021 by consumer groups as 'too difficult to cancel.'

In the following articles, not only the proceedings but also the dark pattern of Amazon Prime's cancellation system is explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

'Amazon Prime is too difficult to cancel,' consumer groups indict Amazon-GIGAZINE

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To counter these dark patterns, the California Privacy Rights Act is being promoted, which includes provisions such as disapproval of the consent obtained by the dark pattern. The law strengthens the California Consumer Privacy Act, which has been in force since January 2020, with dark patterns of invalidation of consent and more data than users intended. Includes the outlawing of dark patterns that induce companies to offer.

The California Privacy Rights Act has been approved by a referendum as of November 2020, and the content is being considered for enforcement on January 1, 2023. Will be clarified as to whether or not will be subject to regulation. The Federal Trade Commission has described the dark pattern as 'a design that deceives, manipulates, and guides users, and makes them act in a way that is beneficial to online services but harmful to users or contrary to their intentions' (PDF file). ) Defined .

In addition, in response to the move in California, Senators have jointly submitted a similar dark pattern regulation law in Washington. It is said that this dark pattern regulation law is almost a copy of the California privacy rights law, but it seems that the word 'dark pattern' is not used.

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