Report that 'global warming is already progressing beyond the limits of humankind'

A new study reveals that the progress of global warming due to carbon pollution in the atmosphere has reached a level where the global warming limit set by the international conference cannot be met.

Greater committed warming after accounting for the pattern effect | Nature Climate Change

CO2 already emitted will warm Earth beyond climate targets, study finds | CBC News

For decades, scientists have been discussing so-called 'future warming' and future temperature rises based on past carbon dioxide emissions.

The International Framework for Climate Change , created in 1992 and signed by 155 countries, sets a goal of keeping global warming within 2 ° C before the Industrial Revolution, rather than keeping it at 1.5 ° C in the 2015 Paris Agreement. It has been revised to a strict goal. By the time the Paris Agreement was announced, it was already thought that global warming was about 1.1 ° C compared to before the Industrial Revolution.

However, according to a study published in the January 4, 2021 issue of the journal Nature Climate Change, 'carbon dioxide pollution' already released into the atmosphere is compared to the pre-industrial era. It is predicted that the average temperature in the world will be raised by about 2.3 ° C.

'In essence, we're calculating the'global warming inertia'that keeps the climate system warming,' said Andrew Dessler, a professor of atmospheric science

at the University of Texas A & M, who co-authored the study. Think of the climate system as the Titanic. It's easy to see the icebergs, but it's hard to move the ship to avoid it. '

According to Professor Dessler, global warming is progressing at different rates in different parts of the world. For example, places like the Southern Ocean that surround Antarctica are less affected by the Sun due to their high latitudes and thick clouds, and are thought to be relatively less susceptible to global warming than other regions. However, it seems that areas such as the Southern Ocean, which are not warming so rapidly at the moment, are destined to catch up with areas where global warming is progressing.

However, Professor Dessler said, 'Even if real warming has already overtaken the goals set at the international conference, it does not mean that everything will be lost in the fight against global warming.' 'If the world emits carbon. If you quickly reduce to zero, global warming can be delayed enough to prevent centuries, giving you time to adapt to society and giving you time to come up with technical solutions. '.

Professor Dessler added, 'What makes climate change really scary is the speed of warming. It's not a big deal if there is a warming of several degrees Celsius in 100,000 years, but the number in 100 years. It's really bad to have ℃ warming. '

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