The dedicated page '' for the GIGAZNE Manga Awards has been redesigned to be easier to see and access.

At the GIGAZINE Manga Awards, announcements are made at the beginning of each month, but apart from the monthly announcements, the GIGAZINE Manga Awards dedicated site ' ' will be launched in September 2020, making it easier to check recruitment requirements and GIGAZINE manga. released. was renewed in January 2021 to make it easier for those who are thinking of recruiting to know the information they want to know, so please try to access it again.

GIGAZINE Manga Award-Manga is serialized on the daily 1 million PV site!

The top page of the site looks like an image. In the previous version, it was created with a vertically long 'one-page type', but as the top page has a large amount of information, it takes time to load and it may be difficult to find the information you want. , Changed to a simple form. The 'application guidelines' and 'application form' that applicants want to access most can be checked immediately from the button surrounded by the red frame.

When viewed on a smartphone, it looks like the image below.

Tap the menu icon in the upper right to display the pull-down menu.

The menu is only partially displayed, but you can scroll to see the whole.

If you scroll down the top page, you will find a simple site map, so you can jump to the items on the site by clicking the information you want to see.

You can also move from the header menu, so if you have decided what you want to check, access it from the header title.

The application guideline page is divided into tabs for 'manga / original name' that you apply mainly for image files and 'original script / novel' that you apply mainly for text files.

By clicking the tab of the content you want to apply for, the information you want to know is easier to see.

Below the application guidelines, you can find more detailed information such as 'Prize Money / Reward (serialization conditions)' and 'Examination Flow'.

The items are in a folded toggle format, so you can expand and read them by clicking on the information you want to know.

You can see the outline of the GIGAZINE Manga Award from the 'about' menu, and ...

From the 'Past Awards' menu, you can check the works that have won the GIGAZINE Manga Award in the past or have been serialized from the Manga Award, along with the judging comments. It may be a hint to review the work before applying, so it is recommended to check it.

From the 'Manga' menu, you can see a list of works serialized in GIGAZINE. Click the 'serialized manga' work to jump to the first episode in the series, or click the 'Kindle Comics' work to go to the Amazon product page.

You can proceed to the application by entering it as it is from the 'application form'. The content is basically the same as that of the Google form linked on the GIGAZINE page, and the application itself is handled in the same way via the Google form and, so you can send it by someone who is easy to access.

In 'Q & A', we answer the contents of multiple inquiries received in the past. If you have any questions, please send your question from 'Other Inquiries' at the end.

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