Amazon announces anomaly detection service 'Amazon Monitron' that is useful for predictive maintenance of manufacturing sites

Amazon has announced an ' Amazon Monitron ' service that uses machine learning to detect abnormalities in machines used at manufacturing sites in advance. It is a service that focuses on the undigitalized and unmodernized parts that still remain in the industry, and there is a view that 'If successful, Amazon will become the ruler of the cloud computing industry.'

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Sudden failures of the machines that support the line in the manufacturing floor can result in significant losses, so maintenance personnel combine multiple maintenance strategies to manage the condition of the machines.

One of the maintenance methods is state-based maintenance, in which maintenance is performed when the machine status exceeds a certain threshold. Since maintenance is performed only when necessary, the number of times can be reduced and costs can be reduced compared to regular maintenance performed on a scheduled basis.

Similarly, there is 'predictive maintenance' as a maintenance method that can reduce costs. This is different from 'post-maintenance' in which a failure or abnormality is dealt with after it occurs, and by monitoring the state of the equipment, potential failure factors are detected and maintenance is expected before a failure occurs. And, it is a method to do it at a cost-effective timing.

Both 'condition-based maintenance' and 'predictive maintenance' require the installation of sensors to detect the occurrence of failures or deterioration of conditions, but the construction and deployment of maintenance systems tends to be long and complicated.

'Amazon Monitron', which Amazon has decided to deploy newly, is a mechanism to support this maintenance.

The following is a starter kit sold for $ 715 (about 75,000 yen), which includes 5 sensors attached to the device and a gateway used by connecting the sensors via Bluetooth. The information collected by the sensor is sent to AWS via the gateway, analyzed by the Monitron service, and the result is notified to the app.

In addition to purchasing the equipment, a service usage fee of $ 50 (about 5200 yen) per year is required for each sensor. First, it will be introduced in the Eastern US region of AWS.

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