Microsoft announces new security chip 'Microsoft Pluton' to protect Windows PC

Microsoft has announced that it is developing a new security chip, the Microsoft Pluton . AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm, Microsoft's leading silicon partners, are participating in the development of Pluton.

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The newly announced Pluton is based on the security technology introduced in the game console ' Xbox One ' created in collaboration with Microsoft and AMD and the Linux distribution ' Azure Sphere ' for IoT . Pluton is designed as a security processor built into the CPU, and by introducing Microsoft's intellectual property technology directly into the CPU silicon, it is possible to prevent physical attacks and key discovery, and to recover from software bugs. Microsoft notes that it will be possible.

The core security features of most current PC operating systems are covered by the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) , a semiconductor chip mounted on motherboards and the like. However, since the TPM is independent of the CPU, there was an attack method of stealing data by physically intercepting the communication performed by the bus interface between the TPM and the CPU. As a countermeasure against such attack methods, Pluton was designed to be directly incorporated into the CPU.

Windows PCs that use the Pluton architecture can enhance Windows features such as BitLocker and System Guard by emulating a TPM based on existing specifications and APIs. Furthermore, in the case of a Windows PC equipped with Pluton, authentication information, user identity, encryption key, and personal data are stored in an independent Pluton security processor in the system, so it will not be deleted by malware. The Pluton security processor implements a unique protection system called 'Secure Hardware Cryptography Key (SHACK)' to prevent key information from being leaked outside the protected hardware.

Updates to Pluton's system firmware will be delivered via Windows Update, allowing Microsoft to sign, maintain, and update directly. Microsoft explains that delivery from Windows Update makes it easier to meet the security challenge of 'keeping your system firmware up to date.'

It's not clear when CPUs with Pluton are expected to appear, but processor manufacturers AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm have promised to incorporate Pluton into future CPUs.

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