A trailer for the movie 'Wolf Walker', which depicts the friendship between a wolf girl and a hunter girl

The trailer for Tom Moore 's new animated film ' Wolf Walker, ' which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in the animated film ' Song of the Sea Umi no Uta, ' will be released on October 8, 2020. I did. In the latest work of Cartoon Saloon , directed by Moore, who has worked on numerous feature films on the theme of the world of Kelt, the mysterious wolf girl Mave and the hunter apprentice girl Robin are in the wilderness of Ireland. The friendship that is nurtured in is drawn.

Wolfwalkers — Official Trailer l Apple TV + --YouTube

Robin, a girl who walks in the forest with an anxious look, holding a bow.

Robin was looking for Bill, the father of a wolf hunter who was setting traps in the woods.

Robin tells his father, 'The woods are full of wolves. It's my job to hunt down wolves.'

'If you're two people, you can hunt wolves, bears, and even dragons!'

Someone is staring at Robin from the bush.

Its true identity was Mave, a girl of 'Wolf Walker' who is said to exchange words with wolves and manipulate the magic of nature.

Robin wanders deep into the forest, following the appearance of Medb.

Robin hurriedly hid in the shadows when he saw the wolf ...

Mave on a wolf urges, 'It smells like a human. Come out.'

'You are ...' 'Wolf Walker'

Wolfwalker is a girl in the daytime and a wolf at night.

One night, something happened to Robin, who was sleeping.

Robin is confused when he notices that he is a wolf and his limbs are reflected in the window glass.

Mave in the form of a wolf warmly welcomes Robin, a wolf who has escaped into the forest.

Mave and Robin play as wolves every night and deepen their friendship ...

Wolf hunting by humans will begin.

'I swore to my mother that I would protect you,' said his father, Bill.

However, Robin chooses to break up with his father and escape from the city with the wolf.

What is the whereabouts of the friendship between the two?

'Wolf Walker'

The movie 'Wolf Walker' is scheduled to be released on October 30, 2020, and will be released sequentially at YEBISU GARDEN CINEMA, Theater Umeda and other national theaters . It will also be available on Apple TV + from December 11th.

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