World's Largest Human Rights Organization Stops Activities in India

Amnesty International , the world's largest human rights organization, which has won the Nobel Peace Prize and is qualified to consult with the United Nations, has announced that it will suspend its activities in India. Amnesty International explains that the reason for the suspension was 'repression by the Indian government.'

Amnesty International India halts its work on upholding human rights in India due to reprisal for Government of India | Amnesty International from-government-of-india /

Amnesty International halts India operations after'freezing' of its bank account --CNN

Following the complete freeze of Amnesty International's bank account by the Government of India, the group has fired some staff working in India and suspended campaigns and research activities in India.

For some time, the Amnesty India branch has called on the Indian government after Prime Minister Narendra Modi deprived Jammu and Kashmir of autonomy in 2019 and closed the Internet to the entire state in 2018. I have strongly criticized it. The Indian government's freeze on bank accounts is a crackdown on the government's request for greater transparency, Avinash Kumar, executive secretary of Amnesty International's branch, argues.

The Amnesty International Chapter has been temporarily frozen in bank accounts by the Government of India in the past. In addition to the account freeze, a forced home search for about 10 hours is being carried out by the Executive Bureau, a research institution under the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Finance of India. The search did not reveal the Amnesty International branch's fraud, but human rights protection activities were temporarily suspended and media slander began, the Amnesty International International Secretariat

reports . ..

CNN, a news distribution media, contacted the Indian government's executive office about the reason for the bank account freeze, but no comment was received at the time of writing the article.

'The Indian government's actions when it denounces fraud are like freezing dissenting opinions,' said Kumar.

Regarding the freeze on bank accounts, Julie Barhar, Deputy Executive Secretary of Amnesty International, said, 'This is a terrible and shameful act by the Government of India, and we have to suspend human rights activities in India for the time being. That doesn't mean that India's involvement in the struggle for human rights is over. How can we continue to play a role in India's human rights movement for years to come? I will keep an eye on it with a firm determination. '

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