Summary of 'PLAYSTATION 5 SHOW CASE' where PS5 related titles, release dates & prices were announced

A video event ' PLAYSTATION 5 SHOWCASE ' was broadcast that summarizes information on titles that will be announced at the same time as the release of 'PlayStation 5 (PS5)' and titles that will be released after that. In the broadcast, the latest work of the FINAL FANTASY series 'FINAL FANTASY XVI' was suddenly announced, and the release date and price of PS5 are finally revealed, which is a must-see content.


・ September 17, 2020 05:08
'FINAL FANTASY XVI (FINAL FANTASY 16)' is now available exclusively on PlayStation --GIGAZINE

・ September 17, 2020 05:31
Game titles of popular works such as Spider-Man and Harry Potter 'Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales' & 'Hogwarts Legacy' --GIGAZINE

・ September 17, 2020 05:35
Summary of the latest information on PS5 titles such as 'Resident Evil Village' and 'Demons Soul' --GIGAZINE

・ September 17, 2020 05:50
The release date of 'PlayStation 5 (PS5)' will be decided on November 12th & the price will start from 39,980 yen & detailed specifications will be revealed --GIGAZINE

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