'Nescafe flavor roasted tofu/soft scent' tasting review that draws out scent and richness with the 'freezing aroma' method


regular soluble coffee 'Nescafe flavor roasting ' has been renewed, and two types of ' flavor roasting Yuka ' and ' flavor roasting soft flavor ' will be on September 1, 2020 (Tuesday) Will appear. It is said that you can enjoy the freshly roasted aroma with Nescafe's original ' flavor vacuum freezing method ', so I tried drinking it first and confirming.

Introduced with the original manufacturing method of 'Nescafe' that completely traps the frozen 'scent' 'Nescafe flavor roasted tofu/juka' New release on September 1st
(PDF file) https://www.nestle.co.jp/sites/g/files/pydnoa331/files/2020-07/20200701_nescafe.pdf

The bright blue label 'Flavor Roasted Yuka' and the Asagi-colored label 'Flavor Roasted Soft Fragrance' were selected based on AI's favorable rating.

'Tohka' is said to have the characteristics of 'rich and rich scent' and 'rich deepness and transparent aftertaste'.

When you smell the powder, you can feel the sweetness with a deep scent like bitter chocolate. In addition to the 'aromatic roast' that roasts beans, the flavor roasting uses the 'flavor vacuum freezing method' that instantly freezes roasted beans under vacuum and ultra-low temperature to release the aroma. is.

Put about 2 grams (1-2 spoons) in a cup...

Pour 140 ml of hot water.

When you drink it after dissolving it in hot water, the scent is less than that of the powder, but you can feel the refined scent. The bitterness, sourness and astringency are not outstanding, and the overall taste is balanced and mellow. The aftertaste retains the bitterness and astringency peculiar to coffee, with a long lasting finish. The editorial staff who tasted it also said that 'it has a mellow and well-balanced taste, so it goes well with milk.' 'The bitterness and sourness are softer and easier to drink than the coffee I usually drink.'

'Soft scent' is characterized by 'clear and soft fragrance' and 'mellow sourness and refreshing aftertaste'.

Unlike 'Tohka', which had a deep and sweet scent like cacao, 'Soft fragrance' has a true coffee scent.

The appearance of 'soft incense' powder is almost the same as 'Touka'.

When you drink 'soft scent', you can feel the scent of roasted beans charcoal. The sourness is slightly stronger than 'Touka'. There was little astringency and the aftertaste had a refreshing bitterness as a lingering finish, so it felt easy to drink even when the temperature was cold. It has a stronger personality as coffee than 'Tohka', so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy a more authentic coffee flavor.

Nescafe Aroma Roasted Yuka/Yuka can be purchased from September 1, 2020 (Tuesday), but it will be pre-sold from August 1, 2020 at the Nestlé mail order online shop . The suggested retail price for both Yuka and Yuka is 749 yen (tax not included) for 60g, and the eco & system pack for refilling 50g is 623 yen (excluding tax).

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