China's state media accuses TikTok's acquisition play as 'theft' 'America is a rogue country'

Microsoft is

considering acquiring the short movie platform 'TikTok'. President Donald Trump of the United States has requested TikTok to 'sell its business in the United States to an American company by September 15, 2020', and if the sale is not successful, ban service in the United States I said . The TikTok takeover play has been accused by Chinese state media of 'theft' and 'America is a rogue country.'

Chinese state media slams US as a'rogue country' for its planned'smash and grab' of TikTok

The challenges Microsoft faces in buying TikTok's US arm | Ars Technica

On its blog, Microsoft has revealed that it is continuing negotiations with Bytedance, the operator of TikTok, to acquire TikTok's business in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You can find out why Microsoft is trying to acquire TikTok by reading the article below.

Microsoft is continuing negotiations to acquire TikTok after Trump's ``TikTok ban'' remarks-GIGAZINE

President Trump, meanwhile, said that acquiring only a portion of TikTok's business could be 'complex.' In addition, President Trump also said that Microsoft must 'pay key money' to the United States Finance Minister in order to carry out the acquisition transaction of TikTok.

In response to the move to buy TikTok in the US, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief at Global Times , China's state-owned media, said, 'The US acquisition of TikTok is like an open robbery. I'm watching President Trump turn the once-great United States into a rogue nation.'

Another Chinese state-owned media, China Daily, said TikTok was acquired, saying, 'In the event of a planned theft by the U.S. government, the Chinese government also has multiple ways to respond.' In some cases, the Chinese government suggests that retaliation may take place.

The Global Times reports on the US acquisition of TikTok under the heading 'The US ban on TikTok reflects the cowardice of Washington.' Global Times accused the US of acquiring TikTok, saying 'TikTok has become a major threat to American technology companies, and the ban has accelerated.' In addition, the TikTok ban is consistent with the Huawei's exclusionary movement by the US: 'American elites are in danger. These movements put top Chinese companies at the forefront of the technology industry. They have the ability to do it.”

Zik Yiming, CEO of ByteDance, the developer of TikTok, says that although American companies' acquisition of TikTok is ``unreasonable'', it is part of the legal process and ByteDance is obliged to comply with the law. .. 'But the acquisition of TikTok is not a goal or desire of the U.S. government. Their real purpose is to ban TikTok in a comprehensive way,' Yiming said.

Claims to be a ban, not an acquisition.

President Trump has set a deadline for the acquisition of TikTok on September 15, and Microsoft is aiming to complete the transaction by the same date. However, at the time of writing the article, it was reported that ByteDance, the operator of TikTok, and Microsoft have not reached an agreement on the acquisition amount. The reference of the acquisition amount is 'TikTok already has multiple competing services', 'TikTok does not make a profit in the United States', 'The number of daily active users is about 50 million in the United States alone' The source value is estimated to be about 15 billion to 30 billion dollars (about 1.6 trillion to 3.2 trillion yen).

Also, it remains unclear what exactly 'Microsoft's acquisition of TikTok's American business' indicates, and ByteDance is rushing to split TikTok's back-end operations. It is being done. In addition, if the operators of TikTok become different in the United States and China, where will TikTok development continue, if ByteDance continues development, will ByteDance also develop and deliver updates for the United States, etc. Multiple issues remain.

It is said that 'Is there any company other than Microsoft that is interested in the acquisition of TikTok?', but Apple has officially commented 'I am not interested in the acquisition of TikTok'.

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