How does Google decide on Pixel and Nest Mini colors?

Pixel 3a 's Just Black, Purple-ish, and Clearly White, and Pixel Buds ' Clearly White and Quite Mint. The color variations of Google products such as 'Almost Black' are quite individual. The official blog of Google explains how the colors of such Nest Mini and Pixel series are decided.

Inside the Google team that dreams up colors

Isabelle Olson, who heads Google's Color, Materials, Finish team, originally said that he was involved in designing theater stages, costumes, jewelry, and making doll furniture. He said that he had learned how to combine creativity with problem-solving abilities because he particularly liked math and physics at the art school.

In the meantime, although it was once decided that electrical products were white or black, in reality there were hundreds of shades even with white alone, so he thought that electronic products should diversify colors. Olson. Based on the idea that 'colors, materials, and finishes affect human health,' Olson has a job at Google determining the colors and designs of various products.

Olson said that when deciding the color of Google products, ``I am happy that people are using it in front of everyone, it fits beautifully with any vase, designing something like a jacket or bag It is said that it has set the goal of 'doing'. Olson said designing and choosing colors for Google products are more like furniture designs that are renewed every couple of years to ten years, rather than fashion that is renewed in a very short cycle.

In deciding the design and color of Google products, Olson said he will actively use the products he designs in his life. “It's not just about designing something, it's about incorporating things and colors into our lives, and we can see things we couldn't see before,” Olson said.

In addition, they will repeat the experiment many times and narrow down the designs and colors from a huge number of candidates. For example, the wireless earbuds Pixel Buds are worn in the ear, so they're always close to the wearer's skin tone, hairstyle, and fashion. Google's Color, Materials, Finish team conducted a large number of prototypes and experiments, narrowed down to about 100 colors, and further narrowed down to 25 colors. It seems that they took pictures of many people wearing it and compared the 'state on the table' with the 'state on the ear.'

Regarding the name of Google's color variation, it was called with another name during design, for example Olson's favorite 'Quite Mint' was called 'pistachio'. Although Quite Mint has disappeared from the candidates halfway, it seems that it is a color variation that has revived during the huge selection process.

Regarding the 'Purple-ish' of Pixel 3a, 'It looks white in some conditions, but it looks purple in most brightness. I liked this color variation,' Olson said. I am.

Olson commented on the importance of color, 'Color is the basis of life, as some flowers have evolved to look bright to attract honeybees. Color is alive to us. There is something that reminds me that colors are very personal and culturally unique to our environment and circumstances. For example, a person with a hot climate may prefer a different color than a person with a cool climate.'

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