Google displays fact check information for image search results

``Photos and videos are a great way to get people to understand what's happening in the world, but there is a pitfall in that power,'' Google with a sense of crisis checks the results of image search Information display has started.

Bringing fact check information to Google Images

The information is labeled using

ClaimView , an open method to indicate to search engines that it is fact check information. However, it is not displayed for all images.

As a specific example, Google shows results for the search phrase ' sharks swimming in street houston '. The search results show a picture of a shark swimming in the town when Hurricane Harvey struck Houston in 2017.

Jason Michael, who is a journalist living in Dublin, has tweeted more than 90,000 RTs in the photo and has more than 130,000 likes, which shows how much the information has spread.

Click the thumbnail in the search results to display the fact check information. In the case of this image, 'The photo claims that a shark is swimming on the freeway in Houston.' This is because the information of the fact check article including the image is displayed, so it seems that there is a slight deviation, but when you read the article, the appearance of the shark in the sea was composited where the freeway flooded. It has been pointed out that the above photo was made by doing so.

The original shark picture was taken by photographer Thomas Peshack on the South African coast in 2003. It is used not only during hurricane harvey but also in various stories, and Mr. Peshak is informed that it is another example. How it was shot is touched on in the following article.

Miracle shark photography secret story, also for many false photo stories | National Geographic Japan Version Site

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