Discover who Ikenai does on Google Street View ...?

E.T. and laser beamAnd,Uncle in front of the strip theaterThere were some men who took pictures that may be more embarrassing than sunbathing on Google Street View, where various interesting things were found, privacy was okay and news. What on earth is he doing ...?

Details are as follows.
There is a person doing something at the roadside on the road near San Francisco.

It seems like I'm urinating somehow when I zoom in. Actually, I found interesting images found on Google Street View "Streetviewr.comIt seems that the image was posted as a standing man in the place where it is called.
San Bruno, California, United States - Google Maps

WIRED VISION / from Wired Blogs / "Street View" Fun images are gathered

However, when I look at this man from another angle, I find that I am doing something completely different. It seems that he was at bicycle repair or something.
San Bruno, California, United States - Google Maps

In this case, it does not matter if you are told that you are doing something you do not do, although the truth became clear.

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ITmedia News: Do you see the bad points? Privacy concerns in Google street pictures

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