Images that may crash when set as wallpaper on Android terminal are reported

@UniverseIce, who is known for leak information about smartphones, calls attention that there are images that crash the terminal when set as wallpaper. In particular, there is information that there is a high possibility of crashing on Samsung terminals, and there are also users who actually posted videos that Pixel crashed.

The image in question is this. Although browsing does not cause any problems, it may crash if you save the image on the smartphone and set it as the wallpaper.

While some people say 'nothing happened', @seb3153 's Google Pixel has fallen into a state where the lock screen keeps blinking.

@abdalla_moneer1 's terminal is in the same situation as @seb3153.

According to @UniverseIce, when the image is uploaded to Weibo, the color changes subtly and the effect of crashing the terminal disappears, but when uploading to Twitter, the original element is inherited as it is and the effect of crashing the terminal is I understand that it remains.

News site GizDev points out that something similar to this problem happened with WhatsApp in 2018.

Setting a Wallpaper Crashing Smartphones? Here is the Full Story

According to GizDev, when a problem occurred in 2018, Korean forum users found that the color profile of the image was incorrect. Also this image, when converted to sRGB , the terminal no longer crashes as a wallpaper.

The cause is that Google Skia, who created the original image, used a color profile that could not be displayed correctly. It seems that on terminals such as Samsung Galaxy that incorporate a fail-safe mechanism, wallpaper with an incorrect color profile cannot be processed well, so it goes to sleep.

If you accidentally set the problematic image as the wallpaper and the terminal is in an inoperable state, the countermeasure is to ' restart in safe mode and change the wallpaper', so if the problem still does not resolve If so, there is no choice but to reset to the factory defaults.

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